Best news ever for Sour Patch Kid lovers.

By Real Simple
Updated March 22, 2017
Baskin robbins sour patch ice cream
Credit: baskin-robbins

First they’re sour, then they’re sweet. And now they’re available in ice cream form. That’s right, Sour Patch Kids have made their ice cream debut in a limited edition Baskin-Robbins flavor, only available through April.

The dessert features raspberry and marshmallow-flavored ice cream, with swirls of red Sour Patch Kids mixed in. As big fans of the candy in its regular identity, the editors felt strongly about sampling the new treat. Overall, we were pleasantly surprised—there was some confusion about how marshmallow would fit in, but the majority of testers found it actually helped to balance the sourness of the candy. And while everyone agreed the ice cream was very sweet (we recommend one scoop max), it kicked up a certain kind of nostalgia around the office. As our digital merchandiser, Contessa Schexnayder, put it: “If the 8th grade had an official flavor this would be it. This is what a Lisa Frank sticker should taste like—not that I’ve eaten one.” Here are a few of the other review highlights:

“I’m not a huge fan of marshmallows, and I typically prefer chocolate-based desserts, so I was very wary going into the tasting. However, I was pleasantly surprised! The marshmallow flavor was very subtle, and the sour patch swirl added a welcomed sour kick.” –Grace Elkus, editorial assistant,

“I love the sprinkles of sour sugar that add a little bit of crunch and, of course, I think the raspberry sour patch chunks are the best part. The marshmallow ice cream surprised me—in a good way. It tasted more like cream than distinctly marshmallow. My warning would be small portions only… it is pretty sweet!” –Brigitt Earley, senior editor,

“I’m not usually a fan of super-sweet desserts but I cannot get enough Sour Patch Kids (I actually don’t think I could get enough of them). I loved the candy “ribbon”—it reminded me of a melt-y sour patch kid on a warm, summer day, but in cold ice cream. I’d definitely eat this again, but I’d rather just eat a bag-full of the candy if I had the choice.” –Laura Schocker, executive editor,

“I was disappointed by the consistency of the candy ribbon. I like how sour patch kids and gummy bears get cold and hard when you put them in ice cream, and thought this would have a similar satisfying effect. But it was soft! I ended up putting the actual candy on top. I enjoyed the flavor of the ice cream, though. It wasn’t overly sweet or sour. I hope the weather gets better before the month is over, because I think it would be great to have this in a cone on a hot day!” –Liz Steelman, editorial assistant,