7 Frozen Treats You Should Be Eating This Summer

Here: the tastiest ways to indulge and keep your cool. Move over, vanilla.


Three Twins Cherry Chocolate Chunk


This completely organic pick is airy and fruit forward with just enough dark cacao to satisfy chocolate cravings.

To buy: $5 for one 16-ounce container, Whole Foods.

Photo by threetwinsicecream.com

Talenti Salted Peanut Caramel Gelato


We’re nuts over the large roasted peanut halves and thick salted caramel swirls in this home run.

To buy: $6 for one 16-ounce container, grocery stores.

Photo by talentigelato.com

McConnell’s Sea Salt Cream & Cookies Ice Cream


The ice cream from this small Santa Barbara-based company is made from grass-grazed milk and cream, and organic, local, raw ingredients. That's good for the environment, yes--but also just plain good: this frozen treat--featuring a ton of crumbled house-made Guittard chocolate chunk cookies swirled into a lightly salted, intensely creamy base--is one of the best we've ever tried.

To buy: $40 for four 16-ounce containers, mcconnells.com.

Photo by mcconnells.com


Häagen-Dazs Tres Leches Brigadeiro Ice Cream


A partnership with the New York-based artisanal confection shop My Sweet Brigadeiro gave rise to this deconstructed (frozen) version of the traditional Brazilian sweet. A ‘brigadeiro’ ribbon made from cocoa, butter, and sweetened condensed milk twists through a sweet base. In one word: decadent.

To buy: $5.30 for one 14-ounce container, grocery stores.

Photo by haagendazs.us

Ciao Bella Blueberry Passion Fruit Sorbetto


A generous helping of real blueberries and tart passion fruit in every container makes this frozen dessert feel light and refreshing.

To buy: $5 for one 14-ounce container, Whole Foods.

Photo by ciaobellagelato.com

Tea-rrific London Mist 


Made with Earl Grey tea and vanilla, this bergamot-forward ice cream has lovely notes of malt and citrus. The company will ship packs of four or more pints to your door—stock up on one variety or mix and match (we love Chamomile, too!).

To buy: $40 for four 16-ounce containers, tearrificicecream.com. Promo code: Tearrificicecream for a 10% discount off total online order and good until 7/31.

Photo by tearrificicecream.com


Ben & Jerry’s Spectacular Speculoos Cookie Core


It’s a little hard to wrap your head around a core of cookies and cookie butter running through dark caramel and vanilla ice cream, but it’s certainly not hard to eat (in one sitting). The spoonable center, made from a traditional Belgian biscuit, is slightly crunchy and tastes of caramel and gingerbread

To buy: $4.90 for one 16-ounce container, grocery stores.

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