11 of the Best Things to Buy at Sam's Club

For big savings, stick to buying these staples in bulk.  

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Besides saving you time, buying in bigger batches is a great way to get what you need without breaking the bank. Remember that the best bulk buys are items you use frequently and consistently—so avoid highly perishable products unless you'll be eating (or drinking) them daily. But when it comes to products you find yourself shelling out for on weekly at the grocery store, or important items you use on a daily basis that are worth the investment, stock up at Sam's instead! Here are the items you should consider grabbing next time you're at "The Club."

USDA prime steaks

Sam's Club carries USDA Prime beef, the highest USDA grade for beef, in all clubs. Tenderloin, strip, sirloin and ribeye steaks are all offered at a great price , plus they have on-site butchers in every location to answer questions members have about their meat.

Bath towels

Sam's Club offers oversized, luxurious towels at a steal, made from super-soft, thick 100% cotton. They're a smart buy for entertaining overnight houseguests), but we love giving these little luxuries as gifts, too.


News flash: All of your spices are probably expired. They can be pretty pricey to replace, too. Check out the Member's Mark collection of spices while on your next visit to Sam's Club—you'll end up getting more spices for less money that if you were to buy at your local grocery store.

Rotisserie chicken

These 3-pound rotisserie chickens are made fresh daily. Each one is marinated, seasoned, and roasted to golden brown perfection, just in time for your next Sunday dinner.


Sam's Club offers a seven-day fresh guarantee on fresh cut flowers–if your product doesn't last one week, they'll refund your purchase. Savings at Sam's on flowers range from 20-40% but can be higher depending on the variety. SamsClub.com also offers more than 1,600 different floral options, from classic roses to unique tropical varieties and seasonal favorites like peonies.

Frozen fruit

If you're a smoothie lover, you'll save big on fruit if you buy it in bulk. You can pick up huge bags of frozen fruit that are perfect for popping into your blender.


You can get high quality diapers at Sam's Club at some of the lowest prices around. Their Member's Mark diapers have an outer cover that wraps your baby in super soft material and the breathable design will help keep them cool and dry. Count on up to 12 hours of leakage protection. They're free of perfumes and latex to help prevent irritating delicate skin, too. Sam's Club also offers free shipping for Plus members and will refund or replace your diapers if you decide against them..

Extreme value gift cards

Who would think to buy gift cards in bulk? But over time, they will save you some money. Grab gift cards for Zaxby's, Steak & Shake, Papa John's, Boston Market, and many more, including local restaurants based on your club location. You can also save on gift cards for Disney, Apple, Google, Starbucks, Outback, AMC, Nintendo, Fandango, and Taco Bell.

La Croix

You'll save big at Sam's Club if you're a sparkling water sipper. You can get a 24 pack of La Croix right now at a very competitive price.

Big ticket items

Not everything has to be in bulk to save big. Buying big ticket items like diamonds, appliances, and home entertainment at Sam's will save you enough to cover the cost of your membership with just one purchase.

Paper towels

You can get 15 rolls (each with 150 sheets) of Member's Mark Super Premium Paper Towels for a price that can't be beat. Plus members can ship these for free, too!

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