Community supported agriculture may be a mouthful, but it’s a simple plan with bountiful results for shoppers and small farms alike.

By Danielle Claro
October 08, 2015

Now’s the time to become an active participant in your favorite local farm by signing up for next year’s CSA. Community Supported Agriculture—programs that allow you to pay a seasonal chunk of money in advance for a “share” in the farm harvest week after week after week—might sound like a big commitment. Though there are different formats, some of which allow you to pick and choose from the farm’s weekly bounty, the classic arrangement is that each person who has a share (or half share) gets exactly the same stuff as everyone else that week. In other words, you get what you get, and you don’t get upset. Here’s why that makes sense for body, soul, and spirit, and why you should run—not walk—to a local farm to get on board.

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