No food dye necessary. 

By Meg Josephson
July 18, 2017

Bright, colorful foods are most definitely on-trend, from rainbow pizza to unicorn summer rolls. But incorporating color into your meals isn't limited to food—drinks and beverages deserve some fun, too!

Luckily, we’ve found the solution. Urban Outfitters, which has a surprisingly great home decor department, just released Rainbow Coupe Glasses—and we’re completely mesmerized. The secret? There isn’t one! No hidden additives, food coloring, dyes, melted Skittles, or secret potions. All you need to do is pour in some bubbly or a cocktail (or any other beverage), and the drink will appear rainbow-hued. Your guests will be beyond impressed with these Gatsby-inspired glasses.

Whether you want to jazz up your dinner party, give a magical house-warming gift, or simply experience what it’s really like to “taste the rainbow,” these glasses will live up to your wildest expectations. Fill up your cup with refreshing summer cocktails, or keep it classic with a dry martini. Trust us, your drink will taste enchantingly better when it’s decked out in ROYGBIV. They’ll even look pretty just sitting on your shelf, shimmering in the sunlight. 

The set of two is available online-only for $40. But we’d hurry, because we bet these will be a hot commodity.