Get a taste of your childhood with these delicious snacks from back in the day–some classics are new and improved and some are their same perfect selves.

By Ariel Klein
Updated March 05, 2019
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While you may prefer to snack on Instagrammable crudité platters and charcuterie boards, it’s impossible to deny a craving for an old-school treat. And I’m not talking about ants on a log or Jell-O. I’m reminiscing about the goodies you relentlessly begged your mom for in the grocery store.

Enjoying a snack as a kid symbolized so much more than just eating food. For most, snacks were traded between peers at lunchtime and built into after school routines. Every sporting event, sleepover, and long car ride involved some sort of delicious munchie. Snack time helped to create memories coated in happiness and comfort.

Though a normal snack these days consists of dried fruit or flaxseed crackers and hummus, there will always be room for treats like Combos, Mallomars, and Entenmann’s classics. And not only do you no longer have to ask your mom, you can order them online right from your couch.



There’s just something about a sugary, cinnamon topping on a buttery cake that makes your heart happy. The safe thing about Entenmann’s Mini Crumb Cakes is that they’re individually wrapped, which makes eating the entire box a tad more difficult.

To buy: $18 for 12;



Some might think that a mini Oreo is inferior to a standard Oreo, but those people couldn’t be more wrong. Mini Oreos allow you to have approximately 45 cookies with less self-judgment.

To buy: $3;



I don’t think Shark Bites ever made it to the pantry in my house because the fruity snacks were completely consumed in the car ride home from the store.

To buy: $15 for 20 packs;



These little muffins were the closest we could get to having cake for breakfast. It was so much easier to fool parents back then.

To buy: $9;



There’s truly no better combination than chocolate, marshmallow, and graham crackers–and Mallomars does it best. In fact, the treat has been around since 1913, and they’re still a family favorite.

To buy: $4;



If you were a salty snacker, chances are you loved Combos. With popular flavors like Cheddar Cheese Pretzel, Pizzeria Pretzel, and Buffalo Blue Cheese, Combos are still getting the love they deserve.

To buy: $3;



What’s more classic than a delicious devils food cake cream-filled sandwich? Devil Dogs have been enjoyed by families for decades. Even the packaging alone is widely recognized.

To buy: $10;



If a Fruit Roll-Up didn’t fall out of your lunch bag, then you weren’t truly living. What other snack could you play with like Play-Doh and then eat? Just realizing how gross that is...

To buy: $6;



The best part of Ritz Crackers ‘n Cheese Dip was feeling like a sophisticated adult because you had to use a little red stick to spread the cheese. The new version no longer offers the little red stick, but they’re still just as delicious.

To buy: $16 for 12;



A lot of freshly-baked doughnuts don't even stand up against Entenmann’s Softees. The chocolate and powdered doughnuts are still, to this day, heaven on earth. And nothing beats dunking the plain doughnut in a cup of coffee or cocoa.

To buy: $8;

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