Plus, what to do with all that food when you get home.

The grocery store can be an intimidating place—especially if you're faced with the task of cooking on your own for the first time. For recent graduates who can't seem to figure out the perfect grocery shopping strategy, this week's episode of "Adulthood Made Easy" has (some of) the answers. Host Sam Zabell is joined by Sarah Karnasiewicz, food editor and co-host of "Things Cooks Know," another Real Simple podcast. Karnasiewicz shares a few key tricks for handling the aisles like a pro, and finally figuring out how to plan your meals. Her solution: Pick two nights a week when you have free time, and experiment with fun recipes or meals that take a little extra effort. The rest of the week, throw together easy meals (and no, you don't need a protein, vegetable, fruit, and starch on your plate every night).

Another surprising tip: Fruits and vegetables shouldn't be stored in those plastic bags provided at the grocery store—they trap moisture, meaning produce will spoil more quickly.

For the magic hour to grocery shop, secret culinary superheroes, and tricks that will help you shop on a budget, listen to the full episode below, and don't forget to subscribe to the show on iTunes