This Grocery Box Is So Popular, It Had a 100,000 Person Waitlist—and We've Got an Exclusive Coupon Code

50 percent off and zero trips to the grocery store. 

misfits market

Admittedly, shopping for groceries can be therapeutic. Depending on how hectic your schedule is (and your overall tolerance for crowds, checkout lines, and the dulcet tones of price checks on aisle three), slowly ambling down a grocery store aisle and perusing the goods is almost meditative.

However, for the times when you wish someone would just drop your groceries off directly at your doorstep so you can remain in your pajamas in silence, there's Misfits Market. Misfits is a grocery subscription service offering organic produce and sustainably sourced groceries, delivered to your home at whichever intervals you wish—all you have to do is sit down, open your laptop, and shop. If you've never tried it before, it's a great time to do so: Right now, Meredith readers get a 50 percent discount off their first two boxes using the code MEREDITH50 at checkout.

Unlike competitors or farm shares, Misfits Market doesn't curate your groceries for you: You choose what's in your box, which means you don't get anything you don't actually want. There's plenty of variety on the site, too, including produce, bakery, vegetables, beverages, and more.

misfits market

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Browsing the site, you might notice that prices seem shockingly low compared to what you'll find at your local markets. That's because Misfits Market works directly with food producers and growers to source the items on offer, ultimately reducing prices by up to 40 percent. According to the brand, they curate products that "would have gone to waste for a variety of reasons, whether they're short-dated, excess inventory, or victims of a packaging change."

Misfits Market also takes the more aesthetically-challenged produce that most conventional grocery stores won't—think the occasional stout carrot or oblong apple—but doesn't sacrifice quality. In the brand's FAQ section, it states that almost a third of the food grown in the United States never gets harvested because it "doesn't meet the superficial standards of a traditional grocery store." In other words, by focusing on how the food tastes and not how it looks, Misfits Market makes grocery shopping more affordable and sustainable for everyone.

With so many upsides, it's not hard to see why Misfits Market had a 100,000-person waitlist in April 2020 that took until early June 2020 to clear. If you've grown weary of padding through the grocery store aisles and would prefer to remain seated in your comfiest position, head to Misfits Market and let your groceries come to you. And don't forget to use the exclusive MEREDITH50 code for 50 percent off your first two boxes.

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