It looks like a piece of art.

By Summer Cartwright
March 04, 2020
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Out of everything in my possession, the one item that receives the most compliments is my water bottle. This is not an exaggeration. At first, when strangers started coming up to me in coffee shops asking where I found my water bottle, I thought it was a fluke. After all, coffee-loving hipsters like funky things. But then the compliments continued pouring in at the supermarket, in spin class, even on the train. (For the record, I’m grateful it distracts from my sweaty post-cycling appearance.) 

Let me be straight: The Lund London Skittle Bottle is like no water bottle you’ve seen before. With its geometric shape and minimalist design, the bottle looks like it belongs in a modern art museum (or at least an Ikea), not in a purse. When it was gifted to me, I thought it was a fancy decoration for my nightstand. Then the bright nob top twisted off, and I realized that it was actually a water bottle. A really beautiful water bottle. 

I know it might seem weird to rejoice over something whose sole purpose is to carry drinks, but I have a hypothesis as to why everybody (myself included) loves it. The majority of water bottles are dull, serving a purpose without bringing much pleasure; mine, on the other hand, does both. Honestly, it has more personality and pizazz than most humans. When I go out and have this baby with me, I feel more cool and confident. It sounds comical, but it’s true! 

The stainless steel bottle comes in several different color varieties, (after all, Skittle is in its name) each as chic as the next. The colors are bright without being gaudy and give your desk, table, or whatever the bottle’s set on an energizing pop of brightness. Mine is mint and red; others are dark gray and turquoise, violet and seafoam, and millennial pink and blue. 

Usually, with beauty, there comes some blemishes. Those suckers must be hidden away with this bottle, because it’s been a year and I have zero complaints. The stainless steel and insulated interior keeps my water chilly all day, the triangular and rounded design somehow seems like it’s an ergonomic miracle for my hand, and even though I’ve dropped this thing anywhere and everywhere you can imagine, it hasn’t chipped once.

By no means am I a water bottle connoisseur, but if the water bottle experts of this world got together and tapped me for my thoughts, I would give the Lund London Skittle Bottle a perfect score. 

 Lund London Skittle Stainless Steel Bottle Lilac

To buy: $35;

 Lund London Water Bottle Navy

To buy: $35;

 Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle by Lund London Dark Grey

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