No cereal included. 

Kim Kozlowski Photography, LLC/Getty Images

Any fan of Lucky Charms cereal knows that the frosted oats are an afterthought to the magically delicious marshmallows. And if you’re the type to eat around the oat pieces altogether (or, we won’t judge, eat the marshmallows straight from the box), you’re in luck: you can now buy a one-pound bag of just the dehydrated marshmallows.

The marshmallows, which are available on Amazon from Medley Hills Farm, aren’t the exact ones found in Lucky Charms—but they appear to be awfully similar (and the reviews suggest as much). General Mills has recognized the demand for just marshmallows—in 2015, they gave away 10 marshmallow-only boxes—but have yet to add them to their permanent collection of cereals. Medley Hills Farm suggests serving them with hot chocolate or stirring them into baked goods. We think they’d be great in trail mix, as an ice cream topper, or sprinkled over cupcakes.

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According the General Mills website, the Lucky Charms marshmallows (which are technically called “marbits”) were inspired by Circus Peanuts, the product developer’s favorite candy. The original shapes were green clovers, pink hearts, orange stars, and yellow moons, and purple horseshoes were later added. Of the original lineup, only the pink heart remains.