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These companies have everything you need to craft fancy cocktails at home.

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Most people don't have a fully stocked bar in their home, so their happy hour options are limited (we're talking a very basic martini or something out of a can). Fortunately, if you want to swap your standard rosé or spiked seltzer for an upgraded drink experience, you don't have to stock dozens of bottles anymore. You can now get fancy cocktail kits delivered straight to your door that'll get you fixed up with everything you need (from top-shelf liquor to fancy garnish). Try out one of these liquor delivery services so you can finally raise a glass with a properly made cocktail in it. If you prefer to sip your spirits straight and cocktails aren't your thing, there are options for that too.

Saloon Box

Saloon Box offers a curated selection of cocktails, which you can buy a la carte or get via subscription (starting at $55/month; You can opt to just get the premium mixers and recipes, or buy the box with all the liquors and liqueurs you need for 12 full cocktails included. Popular right now on the site is the "3 Months of SaloonBox at Once" package, which features the fixings for six different cocktail recipes—including a wild ginger tonic and Oaxacan Paloma, each serving two people.

Cocktail Courier

Cocktail Courier also offers high-end cocktail concoctions, themed to the season or occasion—like a Birthday Cake cocktail that's perfect for a virtual birthday party. The cocktail kits can be sized to order, whether you want the ingredients for just a pair of cocktails or enough to make a dozen of the drinks.

Subscriptions can be customized to just the spirits you like and can include just the mixers or the spirits as well (from $49/month; Cocktail Courier can also help you set up the services of a pro bartender to enhance your group's cocktail-making skills. Cocktail Courier sends you (and the bartender) all the ingredients, then you arrange a set time and make your drinks together with a little expert coaching.

Crafted Taste

One of the pricier entrants in the craft cocktail subscription game ($150/month;, Crafted Taste gives you a bit more bang for the buck. Each month's box comes with enough goodies to make 12 to 16 cocktails, all centered around the same spirit. Currently popular is the La Violeta Cocktail Kit, a gin-based kit that features the bright purple La Violeta, the pink Strawberry Heart, and the pretty Passion Sipper. has been a popular site for buying wine by the case, but you can now hit them up for spirits, too—including premium spirits from craft distillers and a wide selection of liqueurs. Check out a few of the site's gift sets, which come with signature glasses or bar tools to help you craft great cocktails with the spirits.


Need something for your cocktail hour tonight? Drizly connects you with local liquor stores that offer delivery, so you can shop and pay online and get your goods—including liquor, common mixers, wine, and beer—quickly.


Minibar also offers on-demand liquor delivery utilizing local stores, but its range is limited to major cities like New York, Dallas, San Francisco, Washington, DC, Chicago, and Los Angeles. However, if you're willing to wait a few days, you can also get delivery throughout California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, and New York.


Not into fancy cocktails? Flaviar's subscription sends you personalized tastings of fine spirits, whether you want to explore the best bourbons or a mix of different spirits. Each box in the subscription (from $99/month; comes with different options. For example, one option features three 50 ml samples and a full-sized bottle each quarter that you get to pick yourself.


Saucey's delivery-on-demand service gets you your liquor in 30 minutes or less, but only if you live in one of the major metropolitan areas they serve—including Chicago, Dallas, New York, Washington, DC, and the major cities in California.

Sourced Craft Cocktails

Get everything you need for a dozen fancy craft cocktails delivered right to your door, including spirits, freshly made mixers, and garnishes, and step-by-step instructions for creating your drink. (And if you order before 3 p.m. local time, it will be delivered later that day.) Sourced Craft Cocktails currently offers over a dozen unique cocktail options, including a spicy margarita and a black cherry old-fashioned.

Shaker and Spoon

If you already have the bar set up and just need the top-notch mixers and flourishes, this subscription service (starting at $50/box; offers monthly themed boxes with three recipes crafted by world-class bartenders. The boxes include ingredients for four of each of the drinks, so you'll get a dozen cocktails per month. All the cocktail recipes use the same base liquor, and the bartender who crafted the cocktail offers recommendations of good bottles to buy.

Don't want to wait until the first box ships? You can also purchase past recipes and ingredients that'll ship faster, or just stock up on some artisanal syrups and bitters for your home bar.

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