6 Spice Blends That Are Perfect for Summer

Whether you’re grilling or pickling, these seasonings are a delicious way to mix things up.


Curio Spice Co. Supeq Spice: Spicy & Umami Seaweed Salt


This blend is made from locally-sourced New England ingredients like pulverized seaweed, shiitake mushroom, ginger, and nettle. Use it to add a hearty, meaty flavor to veggies, eggs, or even popcorn. Bonus: the beautiful container makes an ideal hostess gift.

To buy: $8.50 for one 1.5-ounce container, curiospice.com.

Photo by curiospice.com

Stuart & Co. A-Salted BBQ


Meet your new go-to barbecue weapon. The mix of Middle Eastern-inspired ingredients like Aleppo pepper, smoked paprika, and ginger will add an extra smoky layer of flavor to grilled onions, brisket, or chili. And, best yet, it not only tastes good, it does good: the company donates to the NYC Rescue Mission, which helps the hungry.

To buy: $5.99 for one 3.5 ounce container, manykitchens.com.

Photo by manykitchens.com

Kitchen Curry Master The Spice Collection


This impressive collection contains twelve fresh, fragrant spices from India—like mustard seeds, fenugreek, and garam masala--that you won’t necessarily find at your average grocery store. Hello, tandoori chicken!

To buy: $29.99 for 2 pounds of various spices, kitchencurrymaster.com.

Photo by kitchencurrymaster.com


Greenpoint Trading Company Coffee Dry Rub


Try this combo of sweet brown sugar, dark red chili powder, and coffee grounds on roasted meats (think: skirt steak) or sprinkle on your favorite potato chips. Not a coffee fanatic? Don’t worry, the grounds just lend the mix a subtle earthy flavor.

To buy: $7.25 for a 3-ounce shaker, mouth.com.

Photo by mouth.com

Just Cook Ancho Chicken Rub


It’s pretty simple: here’s a potion that’s perfectly designed to make chicken taste amazing. Sprinkle on a liberal coating of the Ancho chili, smoked paprika, and brown sugar blend to ensure that your bird winds up flavorful and crispy. Weeknight dinners just got a little bit easier.

To buy: $8.50 for a 3.2 ounce tin, justcookfoods.com.

Photo by justcookfoods.com

Happy Girl Kitchen Co Pickling Spices


If you like your briny treats on the savory side, this blend of 15 organic spices is a must-have. With a perfectly calibrated ratio of coriander, cumin, celery and dill, it takes the guesswork out of pickling cucumbers, carrots, or even green beans.

To buy: $20 for a 16oz jar, food52.com.

Photo by food52.com