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Pickled Radish-and-Cucumber Dip

Take the brightness of pickled vegetables and swirl them into thick Greek yogurt and you’ve got a dip you won't be able to resist. It’s easy to pickle your own veg with a simple mixture of apple cider vinegar, water, salt (and just 15 minutes). The cumin oil drizzled on top adds another layer of flavor and richness. Let it sit for a few extra minutes and the pink hue of the radishes leaks into the mixture and looks mighty pretty, plus the pickle flavor intensifies. Serve this zesty dip with warm pita or grilled naan for optimal nirvana.

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Carrot-Ginger Dip

In this bright dip, carrots are cooked until tender with peppery ginger and then pureed in a blender or food processor with maple syrup to sweeten it slightly. Garlic adds kick, and olive oil lends depth and smooth texture. A garnish of pickled ginger adds just the right bit of freshness to this craveable dip. Just be sure to let it cool before serving: it's best chilled or at room temperature.

Miso Eggplant Dip

Sort of like baba ganoush but with all the umami flavor from miso eggplant, we turned two of our favorite dishes into one irresistible dip. The flesh of a roasted eggplant gets blitzed with good-for-your-gut miso paste, nutty tahini, and other flavorful ingredients to balance it all out.

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Vegan Ranch Dressing

You’ll be speechless when you try this classic dip with a healthy twist. No one will know this is vegan nor that it has tofu (protein!) in it. Silken tofu blends into a perfectly smooth ranch dressing dip, replacing the usual buttermilk and mayonnaise typically seen in ranch, with garlic and fresh herbs. Our taste testers were convinced it was straight up ranch dressing. Serve with wedged baby lettuces (like Little Gem) for a fun hand-held salad, an array of crudites, or just use as a salad dressing.