Stocking Up on Frozen Food? Shoppers Love This Adjustable Organizer That 'Transformed' Their Freezers

One reviewer said it ensures nothing goes to waste.

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YouCopia FreezeUp Freezer Bin 15", Fridge Organizer with Storage

Refrigerators usually offer different spaces for organizing various foods—think: the meat, produce, and cheese drawers, along with the door shelves; and some models even come with beverage racks. Freezers on the other hand, typically look like a catchall place for leftovers and frozen snacks. If your freezer is stacked to the brim with food from years past, it's time to rethink how you organize frozen food. And we found an adjustable organizer that will immediately simplify your space.

The YouCopia FreezeUp Freezer Bin is loved by hundreds of Amazon shoppers because it separates bags of food, making the contents of your freezer easy to see and grab. The clear, plastic bin includes six adjustable dividers, so each item can fit perfectly—whether it's pints of ice cream, frozen fruit, or reusable freezer bags. With its dual-handles and slanted side wall, the bin makes it effortless to add or remove goods.

YouCopia FreezeUp Freezer Bin 15", Fridge Organizer with Storage

To buy: $30;

Utilizing the freezer bin is a great way to store items no matter if you have a side-by-side refrigerator or a freezer drawer at the bottom. The organizer comes in two sizes (12 or 15 inches), so be sure to measure the inside of your freezer to select the right fit—note that most freezers can likely fit more than one bin. And if you really want to up the ante, buy some for the fridge to store snacks and packaged food, too. Real Simple Tip: Date each item and organize them from oldest to newest, so you use them first.

Shoppers love the bin because it helps them actually see what's in their freezer. One reviewer with a previously jam-packed freezer said the bin makes it "much easier to see" what they have in store "and ensures nothing goes to waste." Another shopper said it "completely transformed" their stand-up freezer.

Head to Amazon to shop this clever freezer organizer shoppers love for $30.

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