Follow these tips for keeping meat, bread, and fruit fresh in the freezer.

By Sarah Humphreys
Updated August 25, 2004
Gregor Halenda

To freeze meat: Keep meat in its original wrapping, if possible. But if you plan on storing it for more than two weeks, overwrap the store packaging with freezer wrap (like Saran Original wrap) or seal the package inside a freezer bag (like Ziploc freezer bags). Note: The less fatty the meat, the longer it will keep.

To freeze bread: Tightly cover it in airtight freezer wrap or put in a freezer bag. Always completely cool baked goods before you freeze them so moisture doesn't collect inside the wrapping and form ice crystals, which make the goods soggy when thawed.

To freeze fruit: First, slice and seed the fruit. Then place in a plastic or glass container or a plastic bag. Fruit will taste just as luscious after freezing but may be a little softer. If you freeze fruits at their peak during the summer, you can use them for smoothies or sundaes come winter.