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Cheesy Baked Ravioli and Romaine Salad

This crowd-pleasing dinner balances decadent pasta with a bright and tangy salad. 

Cheesy Pasta With Sausage and Brussels Sprouts

Rating: Unrated
This quick pasta bake is comfort in a skillet. You’ll toss rigatoni tubes with sausage, charred Brussels sprouts, and a Worcestershire-spiked cheese sauce to achieve a wonderfully creamy pasta dinner. Rigatoni is the perfect pick for this dish, as the shape encourages all the mix-ins to nestle inside the wide tubes. Once you’ve gotten the hang of this recipe, try changing up the fillings. Chorizo and mushrooms with cheddar would taste great, as would chicken sausage and kale. Basically, it’s hard to go wrong with pasta in a creamy, cheesy sauce.

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Turkey-Pumpkin Chili

Rating: Unrated
Is there a recipe that shouts “fall” more than a chili made with turkey and pumpkin? Probably not, and this delicious dish has ample spices to draw out the savory side of the pumpkin and cannellini beans to add body to each hearty bowl. If you want a fresh herb to sprinkle on top, try cilantro, which comes from the same plant as the coriander seed, which infuses the base of the soup.

Curried Chicken Soup

Rating: Unrated
Chicken noodle soup gets an upgrade in this curry-spiced version of the classic comfort food dish. Curry powder adds welcome depth of flavor, while baby spinach adds a fresh twist. The key to this recipe’s quickness is using pre-cooked rotisserie chicken, which means that the meal comes together in around a half an hour. Psst… Don’t skip the step of toasting the curry powder before adding the broth—it’s essential to unlock the spice mixture’s flavor.

6 Surprising Foods You Should Never Freeze

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