5 Foods That Help Save the Planet

And are pretty darn tasty while they're at it.

Sure, food waste has been a hot topic for a while now, but what does it actually mean that 40 percent of the food in the United States isn’t eaten? It means that and tons and tons of resources are used up on food waste reduction and contributes to the fact that one in six Americans go hungry. One way to help (aside from eating all of your dinner)? Buying products that put leftovers to use.



Photo by amazon.com

Made from just watermelon flesh, rind, and organic lemon, this cold-pressed juice uses sun-scarred melons that otherwise would have been thrown away (supermarkets don’t think the rinds are pretty enough!). All of watermelon’s sweet fresh flavor, without the work of cracking one open. Each bottle has 740 mg of Potassium, plus six times the electrolytes of popular energy drinks. Read: a great post-workout drink, orahem—hangover cure.

To buy: $50 for 12 12-ounce bottles, amazon.com.


Tree Top Apple Sauce  

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Three grades of apples, including the "ugly" ones that would normally go to waste, are pureed and packaged in convenient pouches, just the right size for little hands to hold.

To buy: $2.90 for four 3.2-ounce pouch, walmart.com and amazon.com.


Whole Vine Chardonnay Grapeseed Oil

Photo by wholevine.com

Favored for its high smoke point, this grapeseed oil is fantastic for sautéing and searing. The California-based company sources leftover grape seeds from Sonoma County wineries to make its oils, which is why each of the eight “varietals” are complex, just like wine. The Chardonnay oil imparts a lovely buttery flavor to foodtry drizzling over popcorn for a delicious, dairy-free snack!

To buy: $25 for one 12.6-ounce bottle, shop.wholevine.com.


Just Fruit Assorted Sample 16-Pack

Photo by shop.volcanicbikes.com

Eight different flavored bars (think Apple Blueberry and Pear Cranberry) are similar to fruit leather—only they’re made from cosmetically damaged fruits.

To buy: $29 for sixteen 1.4-ounce bars, justfruitbars.com.



Photo by broccoleaf.com

Similar to kale, these broccoli leaves will last in the fridge for a week or so without wilting. Excellent in stir-fries, they cook much more quickly than kale and don't give off water like spinach or chard. In short: the newest super veggiemade from a part of the plant that otherwise would have been discarded.

To buy: $3, grocery stores.