I Shop Amazon for a Living, and I Can't Stop Talking About These Clever Food Containers

And several are on sale right now.

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zip-top containers
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Sometimes it feels like my life is just schlepping bags. Hauling my laptop and other essentials to the office, carrying a big tote for errands, and so on. My back and shoulders nag me with aches and pains, so the last thing I need weighing me down are heavy containers for my breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

In hopes of finding something better than the hefty glass ones in my cabinet, I put my skills as a shopping editor to use and found these Zip Top containers that are lightweight, reusable, and versatile. The microwave-, dishwasher-, and freezer-safe bags have earned more than 3,900 five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers. And they start at $9.

zip-top containers

To buy: From $7 (was $9); amazon.com.

The storage containers come in 11 sizes and colors, and thanks to their silicone material, they're incredibly light and flexible. Each one features a flat bottom, a wide opening, and a zip top, offering a unique shape that's a bowl and bag hybrid. This clever design makes it easier to use than other reusable storage bags, which come with narrow openings or shapes that only lie flat (and don't stand upright). This style fits in all of my bags and doubles as a bowl on-the-go.

For health and personal reasons, I almost always bring food with me wherever I go: snacks for a day out, meals for planes and trains, and lunch for the office. And I haven't found an option better than these handy containers. Their light feel and small footprint makes them ideal for commuting. And because of their wide opening, the dishwasher can get every crumb and drop of liquid out.

They're great for housing leftovers in the fridge, too. And I've also used them to store beauty products and other small items when traveling. While they're not completely spill proof (I wouldn't use them to carry soup), I've been able to avoid leaks by keeping them upright, which is easy thanks to their flat bottom.

zip-top containers

To buy: From $7 (was$9), amazon.com.

Amazon shoppers rave about them, too, citing their durability, reusability, and design that's simple to clean. And many love that their days of rifling through cabinets, looking for compatible containers and lids are over. Reviewers call them "very convenient," "the best replacement for plastic bags," and a "great investment."

And for those who want to make greener choices, these reusable bags are a simple solution to throw-away, single-use alternatives. They even make adorable animal-inspired ones for kids that are perfect for school lunches, and sets that are specially designed for storing breast milk.

One reviewer even said they "haven't bought a single plastic bag or plastic wrap since owning these," writing that they use them to store food in the freezer and don't have to worry about the food sticking to the containers. "You can store leftovers, reheat it, and eat it right from the container."

While there's not much I can do about my heavy laptop, these nifty reusable bags have proven to lighten my load. And as long as I remember to bring a fork with me, I can enjoy my favorite foods wherever I am. Now I just need to get a few more.

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