16 Food and Dining Trends You'll See Everywhere in 2022—According to Yelp's Forecast

Who’s ready for a croffle?!

2021 isn't over just yet, but the folks at Yelp are already looking forward to 2022. More specifically, the online destination filled with crowd-sourced reviews, just released its 2022 trend forecast. The list includes several foods and drinks that will (most likely) be popular next year, as well as emerging trends in the restaurant industry.

According to the data, the trend predictions were made with help from Yelp users as well as Yelp staffers who have been keeping an eye on the rise of new dishes and ingredients around the globe. For example, Yelp expects macadamia pancakes to see a spike in popularity next year because the interesting take on the breakfast classic incorporates the flavors of Hawaii. The state has been a popular travel destination in recent months, in part because of its "Safe Travels" program, which requires visitors to have vaccinations or a negative COVID-19 test in order to bypass quarantine rules.

When it comes to drinks, Yelp predicts a '90s favorite—the espresso martini—will have another chance to shine in 2022. The caffeinated cocktail has slowly but surely gained popularity in recent months, and can now be found on a growing number of cocktail menus at restaurants across the country.

Lastly, when it comes to restaurant trends in 2022, Yelp predicts that the COVID pandemic has had quite the impact on when and how customers dine out. Seeing as how pet adoption rates rose during the pandemic, it's no surprise that one of the top restaurant trends of next year is eateries that are dog-friendly.

Keep reading to learn more about what foods, drinks, and dining trends Yelp predicts will be huge in 2022!

2022 Food and Drink Trends


Pastry chef Dominique Ansel popularized the cronut—a croissant and doughnut hybrid—several years ago, but 2022 is all about the croffle, which combines a croissant and a waffle. The treat originated in South Korea, and has already made appearances stateside thanks to the recent opening of restaurants like New York's Croffle House. Much like the cronut, croffles can be made even more decadent with a variety of sweet and savory toppings.

Egg bread

Since 2020 saw many people baking bread, Yelp predicts that 2022 will see customers returning to their local bakeries. While there, customers will likely favor loaves of egg bread, such as brioche and challah. Both breads are aces on their own, but they also make great French toast!

Macadamia pancakes

Breakfast and brunch are always on trend, and macadamia pancakes are next year's must-have morning dish. These pancakes bring the flavors of Hawaii, a popular 2021 travel destination, to tables, no matter where in the world you're dining. Use this pancake recipe as a base, and add some chopped macadamia nuts to it to stay on trend.


Malasadas—a Portuguese deep-fried dessert that's beloved in Hawaii—are expected to shake up the dessert scene in 2022. The pastries are a fried type of doughnut made of flattened rounds of yeast dough, and are typically flavored with lemon zest and coated with granulated sugar and cinnamon. Can you say yum?

Blonde pizza

While Detroit-style pizza reigned supreme in 2021, Yelp believes blonde pizza—also known as white pizza—will peak in 2022. The tomato-less pizza offers a fresh alternative to traditional pizza choices, and really lets the cheese (or cheeses) shine.

Pizza cones

If blonde pizza isn't your speed, give this new take on pizza a try. As you may have guessed, pizza cones take the typical pizza slice structure, but are turned into a delicious hand-held treat instead. What's more? You can stuff the inside with savory fillings of your choice.

Calic bread

If you love garlic, cheese, and sourdough bread, then keep an eye out for calic bread. This viral Korean culinary trend consists of sourdough loaves filled with cream cheese and a ton of garlic and parsley. The bread is then dunked in garlic butter, giving it a sweet and crispy outside and a soft and creamy interior.


Say goodbye to the aperol spritz and hello to another classic Italian cocktail—the Negroni. This drink, which has been around for more than 100 years, is made with equal parts gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari. This holiday Negroni recipe uses Campari that's infused with star anise, cinnamon, and cloves, giving it a festive touch.

Beer flights

If 2021 was the year of the hard seltzer and similar canned alcoholic drinks, 2022 is poised to welcome a return to traditional beer flavors and beer samplers. In fact, Yelp users are already exploring beer flights at spots like Drekker Brewing in North Dakota.

Espresso martini

Yes, this retro cocktail is back! Originally made famous by bartenders at London's Soho Brasserie, the espresso martini has been reinvented by bartenders at restaurants like Austin's Devil May Care and Chug's in Miami. This means that a new generation of diners will now enjoy the caffeinated cocktail, which is ideal before a fun night out.

2022 Restaurant Industry Trends

Pups are welcome

According to Yelp, since pet adoption was on the rise during the pandemic, those pet owners now want to eat with their furry friends by their side. Searches for restaurants that allow pets are up 114 percent. Additionally, consumers are also looking for great patios and sidewalk cafes to dine out with their pups, as searches for outdoor seating are up 50 percent. With many cities moving to make outdoor dining permanent, you can expect to see a rise in pet-friendly restaurants in 2022.

Sports bars are back

After months of isolation, it's no surprise that consumers are searching for shared experiences, such as cheering on their favorite sports team at a local bar. With sporting events (almost) back to normal, get ready to witness the reemergence of the sports bar. Those that are still around have also adapted to post-COVID life, adding televisions outdoors, expanding to parklets, and implementing game-specific time restrictions.

WiFi with your coffee

Yes, some coffee shops prohibit the use of laptops, but as people continue to work from home (with many opting for a schedule that includes a combination of in-person and remote workdays), they often head to their local coffee shop for a change of scenery. In fact, searches for "cafes to work in" were up 444 percent, compared to the same period last year.

Dining any time

If you can work from (just about) anywhere, you should also be able to eat whatever you want, whenever you want. Searches for "good for brunch" and "good for late night" were up, 73 and 74 percent, respectively. Similarly, searches for "open now" were up 50 percent, as people are seemingly embracing spontaneity in their dining out plans.

The wait is (sort of) over

After a year of takeout and curbside pickup, expect consumers to return to in-restaurant dining with enthusiasm in 2022. Searches for "restaurant reservations" are up 134 percent, and searches for "online waitlists," such as Yelp Waitlist, are up 82 percent. This suggests that while consumers are once again making plans to dine out, they don't want to sacrifice convenience. Digital waitlists and reservations help consumers minimize wait times at restaurants, meaning they'll get a delicious meal sooner.

Ghost kitchens

Virtual restaurants—also known as ghost kitchens, digital kitchens, and delivery-only concepts—have thrived during the pandemic, with food delivery services opening well above pre-pandemic levels. Ghost kitchens, like Goop's Goop Kitchen, have proven popular among consumers, and Yelp expects consumers to continue to support these new restaurants. In fact, searches for "ghost kitchens" are up an impressive 325 percent.

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