Secrets to Saving Money at Whole Foods

Many of us would love to stock our entire kitchens with Whole Foods’ latest produce and snacks, but their prices can sometimes be hard to rationalize in comparison to other local supermarkets. If you still crave the organic and wholesome food that the retailer provides, these five tips will save some cash on your next trip.


Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Grab a copy of the Whole Foods deal book. It’s available either near the front door, at customer service, or online. You can find discounts from Whole Foods’ private label, 365, as well as manufacturers' coupons.


If you have a bit more flexibility when it comes to when you do your weekly grocery haul, check out Whole Foods on Wednesday and look out for the yellow signs that tout weekly deals. The signs generally say when the deal will end—just in case you aren’t quite ready to open your wallet.


If you wait until the workweek is through, head to Whole Foods on Fridays for one-day deals—you can even call ahead to see what’s on sale to save yourself a trip.


If you’re in the market for produce, meat, seafood, or prepared foods, save your shopping for the weekends, as that’s when the best deals occur for these items.


This final tip could save you up to 10 percent on your favorite items (including wine!), but involves a little frontloading. If you buy a case of a product you can save 10 percent. (The exact quantity that comprises a case is determined by each manufacturer, but typically means 6 to 12 of a particular item.) To score this discount on wine, for example, shoppers need to purchase six bottles. The case discount also applies to rice, grains, and produce, though these goods can only be discounted if you buy 15 pounds or more.