7 Items That Make Transporting Food for the Holidays Much Easier

From a casserole carrier to a pie or cupcake carrier, use these products to help you easily carry foods during the holidays—or any time.

If you're traveling to celebrate the holidays with friends or loved ones this year, chances are you're not showing up empty-handed. Whether you plan on packing the car with some of your legendary cranberry sauce or intend to brave public transportation with a batch of homemade cupcakes, getting food from point A to point B, especially during the busy holiday season, can be tricky.

While you probably have plenty of plastic or glass food storage containers to pack holiday dishes in, you shouldn't have to dig into your stash, especially since there's a high probability that your aunt or old college pal won't remember to give your containers back. Plus, as reliable as basic food storage containers are, they don't do much for keeping food at an ideal temperature.

Instead, you toss food in a container and hope for the best. Though that's not a big deal if only traveling a short distance, those heading farther away need to ensure food (especially dishes made with meat or dairy) stays safe.

Luckily, there are tons of products designed to transport specific foods that are worth your investment. In charge of bringing the sweet potato casserole to Thanksgiving? Load up an insulated casserole carrier that will keep your dish warm for several hours. Bringing pecan pie to your office holiday party? Invest in a durable pie carrier that ensures your dessert won't get squished en route.

Keep reading for a list of must-have items that will make transporting food during the holiday season (and beyond!) much easier.

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Portable Wheeled Camping Cooler

White Portable Wheeled Camping Cooler

Yes, this cooler is designed for lengthy camping trips, but it also works great if you're transporting an array of holiday dishes. Each cooler has two all-terrain tires and can keep food fresh for several hours. Inside, there's a deep freeze removable dry bin with two separate compartments—perfect for storing canned or bottled drinks, dips, fresh fruits and vegetables, side dishes, and more.

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Double-Decker Insulated Casserole Carrier

Gray Double-Decker Insulated Casserole Carrier

If you're looking for the Cadillac of casserole carriers, this is it. It keeps food hot or cold for hours thanks to an interior lining made of food-grade aluminum foil, it can hold up to two casseroles at once, and it features a water-resistant and dirt-proof exterior. This carrier also has two handles with padded velcro, which makes it super easy to grip and hold.

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Foil Pan Carrier

A purple foil pan carrier on a kitchen counter, full of food

Foil pans are a great, inexpensive way to transport everything from mashed potatoes to a batch of cookies or brownies, but they're not known for being very durable. However, if you place your foil pan in this carrier, it's instantly protected and looks much nicer than before. This carrier includes a removable riser so shallow pans won't move around too much, and also boasts a protective lid.

When you're ready to serve your food, just remove the lid and tuck it under the carrier. And when it's time to leave, you can simply remove the foil pan from the carrier without leaving any of your possessions behind.

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Cupcake Carrier

A plastic two-tier cupcake carrier with a red handle

Cupcakes—especially elaborately decorated and frosted ones—rarely make it to a final destination intact. However, this durable carrier with two tiers keeps each cupcake (and any accompanying frosting) firmly in place thanks to individual recesses. This carrier also boasts a lid and a handle, and each tray can be turned upside down to a flat side if you need to transport other baked goods.

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Pie Carrier

A round, plastic pie carrier with a handle

It's no secret that we love holiday pies, so why not purchase a pie carrier to ensure baked goods look picture-perfect when you arrive at the holiday party? This carrier, which fits a standard 10-inch pie, sports an easily removable top that won't mess up your dessert and has a handle that's easy to grab.

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Egg Carrier

An egg carrier with two levels

Eggs, deviled or otherwise, are one of the most fragile foods to transport, but they're also one of the most popular. Not only does this carrier hold up to 24 eggs across two layers, but it also has an individual spot for each one and features two sturdy handles. Pro tip: Use this carrier to easily transport bite-sized appetizers, such as mini-quiches or mac-and-cheese bites.

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Appetizer Platter on Ice

An appetizer server filled with vegetables and dip

If you're traveling with fresh-cut fruit or vegetables and want to keep them cool, consider this platter on ice. The top half features multiple compartments for crudités and dip, while the bottom has space for ice, so everything above stays cold. There's also a removable lid that keeps everything in place.

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