These items will definitely give you the Watermelon (sugar) High.

By Maki Yazawa
August 14, 2020

Get the most out of summer’s favorite fruit with these watermelon-infused Trader Joe’s items that will keep you hydrated and happy all season long. These watermelon goodies—both food and beauty products included—will quickly become must-haves you'll love telling your friends about.

Most importantly, if you’re really digging these items, make sure to get them while they’re hot—after all, these summer essentials might be gone once Fall rolls around.

Watermelon may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of jerky,but Trader Joe’s might change that for you this summer. Similar to fruits like pineapple, mango, or papaya, watermelon jerky has entered the dried fruit scene and makes for a delicious fruity snack. This healthier treat has the chewy texture of traditional jerky with a bonus candy-like taste that will satisfy your sweet tooth without any guilt. Though you may be skeptical at first to try this new item, the reasonable $3.69 price tag may convince you to throw it in the cart anyway to see for yourself if it’s worth the hype.

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Start your day with a burst of fruity sunshine with Trader Joe’s latest creation: Organic Watermelon Fruit Spread. Made with organic watermelon purée, the jam boasts endless amounts of sweet, summery flavor and will pair perfectly with your morning toast or on a bagel with cream cheese. This is definitely a seasonal item you’ll want to stock up on to enjoy all year round.

If you’re obsessed with watermelon everything, this is the face mask your beauty regimen has been waiting for. Highly affordable and effective, Trader Joes' newly-launched overnight face mask boasts a wealth of skin-benefiting ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate, glycolic acid, and plant-derived squalane. Best of all, it is infused with watermelon in just about every way possible: fruit water, seed extract, and fruit extract. The gel mask can be worn overnight to maximize its moisturizing potential, so you can wake up the next day with perfectly supple and hydrated skin.

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Give your skin the much-needed pampering it deserves with this gentle watermelon facial mist. Infused with watermelon seed oil, rice bran oil, watermelon fruit extract, and other botanicals, this mist is perfect for keeping dehydrated skin feeling refreshed throughout the day. For just $3.99 for a 3.4-fluid-ounce bottle, the facial spray is the perfect dupe for other similar high-end counterparts without skimping on any of the glowing power. 

As if regular watermelons weren’t photogenic enough, Trader Joe’s now sells mini watermelons that are even cuter. Not only are these personal-sized melons much more manageable and less intimidating to cut, they are also great for pre-portioning and cutting down on potential food waste. Pro tip: carve out the inside of your tiny watermelon and turn it into an Insta-worthy punch bowl for a boozy watermelon summertime slushie.

Trying to stay away from soda can be difficult, especially when you’re craving something bubbly and refreshing on a hot summer day. With only 60 calories per can and no added sugar or sweeteners, Trader Joe’s Sparkling Watermelon Juice is the perfect, healthier option to quench your thirst. For a light poolside cocktail, add a little splash of vodka, a few watermelon chunks, and mint to garnish.

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Polish your bartending skills by whipping up an ice cold drink to beat the heat using Trader Joe’s latest cooler flavor: Watermelon Cucumber. Equal parts refreshing and tasty, this beverage will make you feel like you took a trip to the spa. Enhance the flavor and fun by adding your favorite spirit—it pairs great with just about any kind. For just $3.49 per 64 fluid-ounce bottle, you’ll have plenty to make several drinks to get you through the rest of the summer.