8 Ways to Use Trader Joe's New Ube Spread, According to TikTok

Ube yogurt? Yes please!

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If you're a frequent Trader Joe's shopper, the chain's fascination with ube—a sweet, purple-hued yam that's grown in the Philippines—is nothing new. While products like Ube Ice Cream and Ube Mochi Pancake & Waffle Mix have lined TJ's shelves for years, 2022 has gifted us with a new ube product, Ube Spread, which you can slather on toast, add to a latte, or use to fill pastries.

As is the case with many new Trader Joe's products, TikTok users were immediately psyched by this vibrant, sweet newbie, and quickly took to the platform to experiment with it and test-drive its many uses. While some noted the spread was a tad too sugary and slightly different from the ube spread that's popular in the Philippines, the general consensus was that it's worthy of a spot in your pantry, especially if you're partial to sweet, versatile foods.

Curious about what to do with your new jar of Trader Joe's Ube Spread? Read on for eight ways to use the bright purple condiment, inspired by TikTok!

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Ube Croissants

Next time you get a craving for a homemade pastry, make like TikTok user @socialsami and reach for some frozen pastry dough and your jar of Ube Spread. All you need to do is unroll the pastry dough, fill it with ube, and roll it back up into the shape of a croissant. Once your croissants are formed, top 'em with a little melted butter and cinnamon-sugar and bake. If you find the Ube Spread to be a bit too sweet, feel free to add some crumbled cheese to your croissants (such as goat cheese) to cut the sweetness.

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Ube Latte

If you can't start your day without a jolt of caffeine, consider whipping up a colorful ube latte. TikTok user @josephineung made the drink by lining her glass with Ube Spread and then adding ice, coffee, and creamer. To up the ube factor, Ung topped the drink with a frothy ube and milk mixture.

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Ube Toast

Step aside, avocado toast. There's a new toast in town. While ube toast can be as simple as slathering some Ube Spread on a piece of crispy bread, feel free to experiment with it as you would other sweet or savory toasts. Some TikTok users have topped their ube toast with fresh fruit, while others have adorned it with crumbly cheese. Do whatever feels right!

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Ube Matcha

Slightly similar to an ube latte, this bright drink combines Ube Spread and matcha powder to create a bold beverage that also tastes great. According to TikTok user @eatswithevad, the first step to making ube matcha is to combine the spread with your milk of choice in a glass and give it a stir or use a frother. Then, you can add matcha powder to a separate glass and combine with water. To serve, fill a clean third glass with ice and pour in the ube mixture followed by the matcha. Give the whole thing another stir and enjoy!

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Ube Mochi

If you know how to make mochi like TikTok user @ambercitaa, simply stuff the dessert with Ube Spread as you would any other filling and munch away. If you don't know how to make mochi, follow this simple mochi recipe and swap out red bean paste for the Ube Spread.

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Ube Yogurt

For those who have a habit of topping their yogurt with sweet things such as honey or fruit syrup, give Ube Spread a whirl instead. TikToker @eatswithevad blended the Ube Spread right into a container of Greek yogurt, but you can also just drizzle it on top if you're worried about the yogurt becoming overly sweet.

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Ube Pancakes

For a simple way to dip into your Ube Spread stash, use it to top pancakes like TikTok user @doll_legs did. The spread is a great substitute for maple syrup on any type of pancakes, and works as a sweet waffle or French toast topper as well. Add some homemade whipped cream and sliced fruit for a really decadent meal.

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Ube Danishes

Similar to the croissants above, ube danishes start by using frozen puff pastry to form the base of your creation. Then, stuff each danish with a filling made with cream cheese, sugar, vanilla extract, and an egg. Add a dollop of Ube Spread to each danish and bake. Once the danishes have cooled, drizzle with Ube Spread and icing, if desired.

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