12 Trader Joe's Truffle Products to Upgrade Your Next Meal or Snack

We can’t wait to try the truffle burrata.

Trader Joe's is on a truffle tear. Sure, the popular retailer has stocked truffle-infused items for years (shoutout to the Porcini Mushroom & Truffle Ravioli, which helped get me through college), but over the past several weeks, TJ's has released a slew of new truffle-y foods. Not only is this welcome news for truffle lovers, it's also great for those eager to give truffles a try without spending a fortune.

Typically, truffles and truffle-infused foods can be quite expensive, in part because truffles are not easy to find, difficult to grow, and almost impossible to store for any prolonged period of time. However, given Trader Joe's penchant for reasonable and affordable prices, most of the chain's truffle products (both new and old) cost less than $10.

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For example, TJ's new Truffle Cream Filled Gnocchi, which was first spotted on store shelves in late 2021, costs just $3.99 per package and contains three servings. In other words, you can have a terrifically truffle-y meal for three (or two, if you're both extra hungry) for less than $4.

And that's not all! Even some of Trader Joe's truffliest items still cost less than a week's worth of lattes from your favorite coffee shop. The new Truffle Oil Duo—which includes a bottle of Olive Oil with Black Truffle and a bottle of Olive Oil with White Truffle—retails for $9.99, and can be drizzled on everything from pizza to a piece of steak. While the bottles are on the small side (they each contain slightly more than two fluid ounces), the oil will last for a long time.

Trader Joe's Truffle Foods

Scroll down to learn all about some of Trader Joe's most beloved truffle products—including many newbies!

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Truffle Cream Filled Gnocchi

This new item debuted in 2021 and is an elevated take on TJ's beloved Cauliflower Gnocchi. The pillowy pasta, which you can find in the freezer section, is filled with Marscapone cheese and black truffles. Per the packaging, these gnocchi are best cooked on the stovetop with butter, but can also be prepared in the microwave or air fryer, which makes them extra crispy. Eat 'em on their own for an Italian feast, or use them as a side for grilled chicken, steak, or a veggie-filled salad.

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Truffle Burrata

Upgrade your next cheese plate or charcuterie board with this creamy, savory burrata. The silky Italian cheese (another newbie) is filled with cream and black truffles, and is basically begging to be paired with a piece of perfectly toasted bread. For something a tad lighter, enjoy the rich burrata on a bed of arugula, which has a bite that will complement the velvety mozzarella cheese.

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Truffle Picante Spicy Pasta Sauce

Pasta and truffles go hand-in-hand, which is why Trader Joe's infused this classic tomato-based sauce with black truffle crumbles. The new sauce also has chili paste, which gives it a spicy kick. Eat it with pasta (obviously) or pair it with baked eggs for a truffle-filled breakfast.

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Mushroom Truffle Flavored Pesto

Pesto can go with just about anything—pasta, eggs, grilled salmon—and this new truffle-flavored creation is no exception. It's made with several different mushroom varieties, white truffle oil, and grated Romano cheese. Those with food allergies should also note that this savory pesto contains pine nuts.

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Truffle Oil Duo

Truffle oil is a great way to upgrade everything from popcorn to seared steak. Trader Joe's recently debuted this new pair—Olive Oil with Black Truffle and Olive Oil with White Truffle—which costs just $9.99. Per the packaging, the white truffle oil is best suited for lighter foods like grilled shrimp, pasta with mushrooms, and French fries, while the black truffle oil can handle heartier foods such as ravioli, salad dressings, and steak.

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Black Truffle Alfredo Pasta Sauce

Trader Joe's recently brought back this rich, truffle-infused sauce, which, as its name suggests, pairs perfectly with fresh pasta. This savory staple is made with black truffle pieces, as well as a combination of Grana Padano and Pecorino Romano cheeses. Use it to make an elevated version of fettuccine alfredo, which is a perfect cold weather pasta dish.

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White Truffle Popcorn

This truffle-filled item, a returning favorite, is perfect for an at-home movie night. Each popcorn kernel is dusted with a combination of French sea salt and white truffles, creating a savory snack with an earthy, umami flavor.

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Truffle Hot Sauce With Black Truffles

This returning item, which is similar to some more expensive truffle-infused sauces, is spicy, tangy, and savory. It gets its bold flavor from ingredients like chili peppers, honey, and, of course, a black truffle broth. It's also well priced at $7.99 per bottle. Use it to top just about anything, including scrambled eggs, baked potatoes, and avocado toast.

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Double Crème Brie With Truffles

It's back! This beloved, rich cheese is delicious in its own right, but the inclusion of truffles really puts it in a league of its own. This velvety cheese boasts a strong truffle taste, making it an ideal pizza topper or salad or sandwich component. For a satisfying snack, pair a piece of this creamy cheese with your favorite chip or cracker.

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Truffle Salami

Another old favorite, this savory cured meat is a great way to take your next charcuterie board to the next level. This nitrite-free salami is made with black truffles, which gives it a rich and salty taste with earthy notes. Unlike some of the other items on this list, the salami has a mild truffle flavor, which is good for people who are still unsure about the pricey fungi but want to give it a try.

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Truffle Marcona Almonds

If you love to snack on almonds, give these returning Truffle Marcona Almonds a taste. Marcona almonds, which come from Spain, boast a sweeter taste than traditional almonds, and also have a buttery flavor and texture that's hard to resist. TJ's elevates its Marcona almonds by roasting them, salting them, and finishing them off with some dried black truffles.

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Porcini Mushroom & Truffle Ravioli

As diehard Trader Joe's fans know, this ravioli has been a staple at the supermarket chain for many years. Each pasta piece, which is filled with porcini mushrooms and truffles, boasts a steady truffle taste. In fact, you can even smell the truffles while the ravioli cooks. Top the finished product with tomato sauce, pesto, or even a drizzle of truffle oil if you have some on hand.

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