Trader Joe's Just Leaked Big News on 8 Upcoming Product Releases—and They All Have One Thing in Common

Hint: do you know what HABA stands for?

As if we needed one more reason to get excited for warmer weather—or another excuse to drive/sprint to the closest TJ's location—the latest Inside Trader Joe's podcast just gave us the scoop on eight new items hitting the shelves this summer. Major plot twist: none of the products they disclosed are food.

On this month's episode, podcast hosts and Trader Joe's employees Matt Sloan (the "Marketing-Product guy") and Tara Miller (the "Director of Words and Phrases and Clauses") do a deep dive into the non-edible items available at the grocery store. They're talking beauty, cleaning, cosmetics, and more—a category they refer to as HABA, or Health and Beauty Aids.

According to podcast guest Taryn, the category manager for Trader Joe's, fruit extracts are what's trending in Trader Joe's HABA products that'll hit shelves this summer. Specifically, watermelon and strawberry. Read on to find the full list of health and beauty items to come.

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Watermelon Face Spray

According to Taryn, this has both watermelon fruit extract, watermelon juice, watermelon seed oil, squalane, and hyaluronic acid. Should be in stores by June.

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Watermelon Overnight Face Mask

This is "like a super concentrated version of a gel moisturizer with watermelon extract and watermelon seed oil," says Taryn. "You put it on your face and it absorbs in really quickly and you sleep on it overnight and wash your face in the morning. And it should be really moisturizing and you should wake up glowing."

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Strawberry Body Scrub

This body scrub uses sugar as an exfoliant, in addition to actual strawberry seeds for even better (all-natural) exfoliating benefits. According to Taryn, sugar is a better option than salt for body scrubs because it's coarser. Who knew?

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Dry Shampoo

They didn't disclose much on this release, save for one very exciting aspect: it'll be non-aerosol.

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Summer Candle Trio

This one will include a strawberry basil, watermelon mint, and pineapple cilantro candle. "It's the best smelling day in our conference room when our candle suppliers come in," Taryn adds.

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Better Sunscreen

"We've had a lot of customer feedback about sunscreen," says Tara. Moving forward, Trader Joe's sunscreens will no longer have oxybenzone in them. "It's something that blocks UVA rays. It does its job, but there's some evidence that it's not so great for coral and other things. And so we had a lot of customers who got in touch with us and said, 'Hey, we love your products and we want to use your sunscreen, but you got to get this out of there.'" That's the beauty of TJ's: you ask, they listen.

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Tea Tree Oil Liquid Soap

If you're a fan of Trader Joe's Tea Tree Oil hair and skincare products (P.S. you can buy them on Amazon), get excited. This new release will be made with actual tea tree oil and can be used to clean your home.

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Laundry Soap Nuts

What Matt deems "plant-based soap," Laundry Soap Nuts are a new eco-friendly laundry product that contain detergent and will break down completely in your washer. They come in muslin bags and will make your clothes, sheets, and towels feel (and smell) perfectly fresh and clean.

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