Trader Joe's Snowman Hot Cocoa Bombs Are Back, but Some Stores Are Limiting How Many You Can Buy

Stock up while you still can!

Who's ready for some hot chocolate? Thanksgiving may still be days away, but Trader Joe's is already looking ahead to the winter holidays and the cold days and nights that come with them. Need proof? Several social media users have already spotted TJ's wildly popular Snowman Hot Cocoa Bombs on store shelves.

The seasonal item, which usually makes its annual return around this time, initially debuted a couple of years ago (long before TikTok was packed with hot chocolate bombs) and instantly became a hit with the Trader Joe's crowd. For those who may be unfamiliar with the Snowman Hot Cocoa Bombs, they are basically snowmen made out of chocolate and filled with additional sweet treats. When you place the snowman in a mug filled with hot milk (or dairy-free milk) it melts and leaves a delicious cup of hot chocolate in its wake.

As you can see below, the Trader Joe's Snowman Hot Cocoa Bombs boast a white chocolate body along with several apropos accessories. The snowman's black eyes and orange, carrot-shaped nose are also made of white chocolate, but his hat consists of dark chocolate. His eyes and nose have been dyed using coloring that's derived from fruits and vegetables.

What's more? Per the packaging, each snowman is filled with milk chocolate chips and mini-marshmallows. This means that when the snowman is done melting, you can go ahead and give your drink a stir while you watch the marshmallows bop to the top. According to many TJ's loyalists, the resulting cup of hot chocolate is a tad sweeter than most because the snowman is mostly white chocolate, but the comforting beverage is still tasty.

Just like in year's past, each Snowman Hot Cocoa Bomb costs $1.99. However, Trader Joe's is doing its best to ensure that as many customers as possible get to experience the magic of this festive treat, which is why many stores have already placed limits on how many Snowman Hot Cocoa Bombs can be purchased at one time. Per the sign in the above photo, which was snapped at a Trader Joe's in West Hills, Calif., customers will only be permitted to buy up to five hot cocoa bombs per visit.

However, according to some social media users, not all TJ's outposts have put a purchase limit in place. Still, there's no denying that these Snowman Hot Cocoa Bombs will be popular this holiday season. In fact, there are already multiple eBay and Amazon listings selling them for as much as $19 each—10 times the Trader Joe's price.

If you're not able to snag a Snowman Hot Cocoa Bomb at Trader Joe's or would prefer to make one of your own, check out this guide for how to whip up a homemade hot chocolate bomb that results in a decadent drink.

And if you're ready to stock up on other Trader Joe's winter products, keep an eye out for the Candy Cane Green Tea and Wintry Blend Ground Coffee, both of which were spotted in stores earlier this month.

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