Trader Joe's Is Coming Out With Four New Pastas—Including Tri-Color Spaghetti

The pasta-bilities are (almost) endless.

Trader Joe's is stepping up its pasta game. On Episode 40 of the Inside Trader Joe's podcast (October 4, 2021), Jasmine, the category manager of grocery at the popular retailer, dished on the new noodles slated to make their debut in the near future. The newbies, Jasmine noted, will be joining "somewhere between 20 and 30" pasta varieties that customers can already find at TJ's.

As Jasmine explained, the majority of Trader Joe's pasta is made from wheat (particularly semolina) but the chain also offers pasta-like alternatives that "fulfill the dietary needs" of customers who do not (or cannot) consume wheat.

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In fact, Trader Joe's most popular pasta option isn't technically pasta at all. "Our number one selling pasta is the Hearts of Palm Pasta, which is actually made from a vegetable. We can't even keep it in stock because that's how much people love it," Jasmine explained. "I think a lot of people are kind of doing the low-carb thing."

Keep reading to find out what new pastas will soon be joining this beloved non-traditional noodle.

Tri-Color Spaghetti

According to Jasmine, when this pasta is released, it will be Trader Joe's sixth spaghetti option, joining the likes of the chain's Whole Wheat Spaghetti, Yellow Lentil and Brown Rice Spaghetti, and others. "We were looking at some of our more successful pasta and we have this radiatori of many colors. It's pasta that's shaped like radiators. That one is the same shape in four different colors."

As Jasmine pointed out, this colorful radiator-like treat inspired the Trader Joe's team to envision a brand-new spaghetti with similar hues. "We were, kind of, looking at some of our pasta to see where we could draw inspiration from and we said, 'Wait a minute, we don't have anything multi-colored for long cuts.'"

The result is a new spaghetti variety with different color strands, ranging from green to red, to orange. And if you're expecting each package of spaghetti to look exactly the same, think again. Since the production process is so "artisanal," you may notice more (or less) of one color noodle in certain packages than others.

Though Jasmine didn't reveal exactly when customers can expect to see the Tri-Color Spaghetti on Trader Joe's shelves, she's seen the product already, which is likely a sign that it will arrive soon.

Fusilli Corti Bucati

Aside from multi-colored spaghetti, TJ's is experimenting with "unique cuts," per customer demand, as well as "some really fun shapes." One such shape is fusilli corti bucati, which resembles a spring or a strand of curly hair. "I don't think any other retailer in America has it," Jasmine said of this curled shape. "I haven't seen it."

This pasta's many twists and turns make it ideal for soaking up a variety of condiments and sauces, such as a classic pesto or a hearty bolognese.


TJ's also has its very own bucatini—aka spaghetti-like pasta with a hole running through the center—in the works. "We have a bucatini coming in as a limited opportunity because we have that really, really amazing Limone Alfredo that we introduced during the winter," Jasmine shared.

For something a bit different, pair your bucatini with turkey sausage and zucchini.


If you've ever listened to the Sporkful podcast, then you're likely familiar with this shape. Cascatelli was actually created by Sporkful host Dan Pashman, who set out to craft a pasta shape that could succeed in any sauce, be easily punctured by a fork, and is super satisfying to bite into.

The result is similar to a hybrid of bucatini and mafaldine, with some right angles thrown in for good measure. "[It] kind of looks like these beautiful waterfalls," Jasmine shared. "The ridges are, like, really thick and it eats really, really well."

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