Trader Joe's Just Released New Hot Cocoa Bombs That Look Exactly Like Holiday Ornaments

You won’t believe what’s inside.


Trader Joe's is getting in the holiday spirit with a brand-new hot cocoa bomb. While the chain's Snowman Hot Cocoa Bombs (which returned a few weeks ago) are still popular and beloved, we have a feeling these sparkling newbies will be especially hard for shoppers to resist.

Dubbed Hot Cocoa Ornaments, these new chocolate treats look exactly like the ornaments one might put on a Christmas tree or use as part of other holiday decor. Each package, which retails for $6.99, contains four large, spherical bulbs, and each one is a different color. Additionally, the red, yellow, blue, and green "ornaments" are covered in a glittery, edible coating.

While these glistening bulbs look like they belong on a tree or in close proximity to a pile of presents, they're actually designed to be dunked into a steaming mug of milk—or your favorite non-dairy beverage.

As with other hot cocoa bombs, the Hot Cocoa Ornaments begin to melt once they're submerged in hot liquid. In this case, the shimmering, milk-chocolate shell (which boasts a delicious hint of mint), slowly melts away, revealing a secret stash of marshmallows and chocolate chips nestled inside.

To enjoy your cup of hot chocolate, all you have to do is give everything a stir until it's dissolved to your liking. The result is a chocolatey, slightly minty mug of hot cocoa filled with mini marshmallows. While the Snowman Hot Cocoa Bombs are made predominantly of white chocolate and taste very sweet, the Hot Cocoa Ornaments are made of milk chocolate and have milk chocolate chips inside, meaning you'll be left with a richer, soothing beverage. In other words, there's no doubt that these would make great gifts for any chocolate lovers in your life.

If these Hot Cocoa Ornaments have piqued your interest, you better act quickly. According to Trader Joe's, the seasonal confections are only slated to be available for a limited time. And while the chain hasn't (yet) put a limit on how many packages you can purchase, some TJ's outposts do have purchase limits for other popular holiday items.

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