Some are still around, some are discontinued, but all are beloved.
Trader Joe's Storefront
Credit: slobo/Getty Images

It’s no secret: People love Trader Joe’s. When it comes to grocery stores, few places have as much character—or as many unique products available at such affordable prices. The products at Trader Joe’s have earned the stores a fierce fan following, but no one knows them like the employees, and when TJ’s Crew Members are willing to dish on their favorite picks, we at Real Simple perk our ears up.

Fortunately for us, the new Inside Trader Joe’s podcast is here to help Crew Members spill all their secrets. On Episode 5, “Please Won’t You Be My Neighborhood Store,” Crew Members shared their favorite products on the shelves—and many discontinued loves.

First, the ones you can still buy:

“I love that lentil soup. It’s an elusive little beast these days.” – Mike

“One of my favorites right now is in the refrigerator case. It’s a split pea soup. It’s an organic vegan split pea soup.” – Tara

And now, if you’re interested in a walk down the Trader Joe’s grocery aisle equivalent of memory lane, the discontinued favorites:

“Oh, I mean, my favorite stuff gets discontinued all the time. A long time ago, I just craved ... and I used to love buying the pickled green beans that we sold, and those got dropped pretty quick.” – Jon

“Recently one of my favorite products, our canned chicken noodle soup was discontinued ... After years. And this was, you know, a big favorite in my house.” – Mitch

“So I always go back to one of my favorite juices. It was called Sir Strawberry.” – Jason

“I’ve got one that I’m waiting to come back, and that’s our cioppino, and that’s a frozen item, frozen seafood item. There’s a lot of people out there who keep checking for it to come back because the return date keeps getting extended.” – Randy

“We used to have a turkey sandwich that was, like, handmade. That was one that I truly miss. And then the other, we had our little hamburger sliders? Ohhh! Oh my gosh, I miss those.” – Robert

“I was really into that almond jalapeno dip, so I’m kinda waiting for that to come back.” – Sheena

“I think somebody the other day asked me for a pomegranate glaze, which—the funniest thing is—I still have a bottle in my cabinet that’s expired three, four years now. I refuse to get rid of it, waiting for it to return.” – Jay Jay

“My big discontinuation challenge is the tofu edamame nuggets. I don’t even know why I liked them, because I’m not a vegetarian. I can eat other things, but they’re so good. My children still ask for them.” – Tara

Feeling hungry yet?