A 1-Pound Chocolate Bar and 12 More Trader Joe's Items Chocolate Fans Will Love

We’ve got our eye on those Dark Chocolate Drizzled Plantain Chips.

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Next time you have a craving for chocolate, consider heading out to your local Trader Joe's. While the chain has earned a reputation, in part, for producing healthy versions of classic dishes (yes, we're talking about you, Cauliflower Gnocchi!) it also stocks plenty of sweets that chocolate fans (and others) will love.

For example, in December 2021, Trader Joe's unveiled the newest variation of its Pound Plus Milk Chocolate Bar imported directly from Belgium. This one, which weighs a whopping 17.6 ounces, is filled with caramel, pretzel pieces, and sea salt. Though the massive chocolate bars can be eaten on their own, many Trader Joe's shoppers opt to break them up into pieces and bake those chunks into cookies, brownies, and even bread pudding.

In years past, the California-based company has released other versions of its Pound Plus bars, including one that's made entirely of 72 percent dark chocolate, and another that is pure milk chocolate. TJ's also sells several seasonal chocolate items, such as those adorable Snowman Hot Cocoa Bombs, but many of its chocolate treats are avaliable all year long.

If purchasing more than a pound of chocolate at once seems too daunting (or tempting), Trader Joe's also has about two dozen other chocolate-centric options for shoppers to choose from that are a bit less intense. While the majority of these items are best suited for dessert, there are several that you can enjoy at any point in the day. Keep reading to learn more about some of our favorite Trader Joe's chocolate finds!

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Mini Chocolate Chip Pancake & Waffle Mix

Craving chocolate for breakfast? No shame here! This new mix, which can be used to make pancakes or waffles, is packed with semisweet chocolate chips that have already been mixed in. All you need to do is add some water (and oil, if you're making waffles) to the batter to get going. Talk about an easy way to get your chocolate fix!

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Chocolate Chip Pain Au Lait

Sure, you could fly to Paris for some pain au lait, which translates directly to "milk bread," or you can head to your local Trader Joe's to get an even tastier version of the slightly sweet, elegant, brioche-like rolls. As you may have guessed, TJ's Chocolate Chip Pain Au Lait is studded with, well, dark chocolate chips. The sweet bread pairs beautifully with butter and jam, but can also be enjoyed on its own or dunked into a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

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Chewy Chocolate & Peanut Butter Protein Bars

On those mornings when you don't have time to enjoy a full breakfast, consider grabbing one of these satiating protein bars. Each bar has 10 grams of muscle-building protein, and features a mix of peanuts, soy protein, and brown rice protein that's flavored with the classic sweet-savory combo of dark chocolate and peanut butter. These bars also work well as a protein-rich afternoon snack for kids and adults alike.

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Chocolate Whole Milk made with Fair Trade Cocoa

Trader Joe's beverages are often overlooked in favor of some of the chain's flashier items, but we're here to tell you not to sleep on the brand's chocolate milk. It's simultaneously rich and creamy, and has just the right amount of chocolate to satisfy any sweet cravings you may have. The fair trade cocoa used here is sourced from small family farms in Northern Peru, and then mixed with Grade A homogenized whole milk and cane sugar. The resulting drink, which is certified kosher, is practically perfect on its own, but can also be used as the base for one epic milkshake.

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Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches

While these ice cream sandwiches might seem simple, they actually took the Trader Joe's team many months to perfect. The chocolate chip cookies on either side have the perfect crunchy-chewy ratio, while the vanilla ice cream sandwiched in between is delectable in its own right. It certainly doesn't hurt that the ice cream is then rolled in semi-sweet chocolate chips. Keep a box of these ice cream sandwiches in your freezer so you're ready when the next chocolate craving hits.

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Dark Chocolate Drizzled Plantain Chips

If you love that classic sweet and salty combo, you're going to want to pick up a bag of these Dark Chocolate Drizzled Plantain Chips. Each chip has just the right amount of salt thanks to some sprinkled sea salt, which pairs perfectly with the delicious drizzle of dark chocolate on top. Trust us, you'll want to go ahead and buy more than one bag of this tasty, crunchy snack.

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Organic Almond Beverage Chocolate Bar

While chocolate bars are typically off limits to those who are vegan or can't have dairy, Trader Joe's has crafted a vegan chocolate bar using an "almond beverage" instead of dairy milk, which means it's vegan-friendly. In addition to the "almond beverage", which is just a fancy way of describing the milk-like liquid derived entirely from almond flour and water, this chocolate bar is made with organic cocoa butter, organic cane sugar, and organic cocoa beans.

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Hold the Dairy! Vegan Chocolate Mini Cones

Speaking of vegan treats, Trader Joe's also sells Hold the Dairy! Vegan Chocolate Mini Cones. Each slightly sweet wafer cone is filled with ice cream made from coconut milk and vegan chocolate.

If you don't mind eating dairy, try Chocolate Chip Hold the Cone. This dessert features mini chocolate cones stuffed with chocolate chip ice cream that sports a chocolatey coating, which also lines the cone itself. Aside from tasting delicious, this chocolate layer keeps the ice cream from leaking out as you enjoy your treat. Take that, sun!

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Brownie Crisp Coffee Ice Cream Sandwiches

While we've already given you a few ice cream treats to choose from, we'd be remiss not to include Brownie Crisp Coffee Ice Cream Sandwiches in this roundup. Here, a nice helping of coffee ice cream—made with coffee syrup, Colombian coffee extract, and espresso grounds—is sandwiched between a pair of TJ's Brownie Crisps. As if that wasn't enough chocolate, each crisp is also packed with several chocolate chunks. For mocha fans, this frozen dessert is a must.

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Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Who needs Reese's when Trader Joe's makes its own decadent peanut butter cups? These bite-sized confections are made with dark chocolate and peanut butter that comes directly from slowly roasted and ground Virginia peanuts. They're also made without artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Keep a container in your desk drawer in case you need a little sugar to get over that afternoon slump, or keep some cups with all of your baking supplies so you can bake them into your next batch of brownies or cookies.

Not a peanut butter fan? Stock up on Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Sunflower Seed Butter Cups instead!

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Chocolate & Peanut Butter Joe-Joe's

Chocolate and peanut butter meet again with this sweet treat, but this time the flavorful duo have come together to cover Trader Joe's beloved Joe-Joe's sandwich cookies. Each cookie is encased in a creamy, peanut butter coating, which is topped with a sweet, chocolatey drizzle. And in place of a typical vanilla crème center, the cookies are packed with a rich peanut butter filling instead.

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Organic 92 Percent Dark Chocolate Bar

Chocolate purists will be happy to know that Trader Joe's sells several no fuss, plain chocolate bars. One of our favorites is the Organic 92 Percent Dark Chocolate Bar, which is, as its name suggests, made entirely of dark chocolate. The cocoa beans used to make this rich chocolate come directly from Madagascar, and the bold (but not bitter) bar is crafted in a completely dairy-free factory.

For something slightly different, try TJ's Organic Sea Salt & Nibs 63 Percent Dark Chocolate Bar. This bar pairs that same chocolate made with cocoa beans from Madagascar with just the right amount of sea salt. The salt adds a satisfying crunch, and brings out the fruity, complex flavors of the chocolate.

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