Candy corn fans, time to renew your vows.

By Betty Gold
Updated October 09, 2019

What’s more Halloween than candy corn? I’ll wait.

Indeed, these sweet little triangle treasures are the essence of trick-or-treating memories for many of us. They’re also extremely polarizing: you either crave candy corn all year long or think they deserve to be thrown in the trash next to the insides of your jack-o’-lantern.

I'm fully a member of the first camp. Which explains my excitement when I spotted Candy Corn Popcorn (!!!) on the shelves of everyone's favorite grocery store, Trader Joe’s.

And before you immediately think, Couldn’t I just make that myself? and move on, don’t. This snack is *not* popcorn tossed with candy corn (let’s not go pretending Trader Joe’s doesn’t know our own taste preferences better than we do). Rather, it’s popcorn coated in a cute little layer of delicious candy corn.

“The formula is eerily straightforward: We start with airy kernels of slightly salty, highly snackable popcorn, then cover them in a sweet, crunchy, candy shell,” says TJ’s on its website. It’s a creamy, caramel-y, mouthwatering modern twist on an old-school classic. And thanks to the kernels’ bright orange, yellow, and white candy corn-esque colors (made from natural ingredients), it’ll look festive on any Halloween treat table.

The popcorn is the best balance of crunchy-chewy popcorn we’ve sampled to date—the candy corn coating doesn’t impede the satisfying crunch. Just a heads up: it’s super sweet, so you might want to stir some mixed nuts into your serving bowl to take the sugar-to-the-face feeling down a notch.

If your scary movie crew inhales the entire bag before the previews end, don’t fret—a five-ounce package retails for just $1.99.

Now go forth and let this sweet-and-salty snack haunt your spooky season.