I Tried Sunbasket for 3 Weeks—Here's My Detailed Review

Everything you need to know before trying it for yourself.

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Sunbasket is a healthy meal delivery service that offers a variety of meal plans for different diets and eating habits. And it doesn't stop there: Sunbasket also has plenty of add-ons, so you can have every meal, snack, and dessert delivered right to your door. The best part about this service? You can mix and match different meal plans and preferences to create a customizable order that works for you and your family. If you do follow one specific diet—say, pescatarian—Sunbasket has plenty of recipes to choose from to fit your needs, too.

How I Tested the Service

Sunbasket review
Bridget Degnan

During my three-week testing period, the brand sent me five different Sunbasket premade meals, three meal kits (each with two servings), one breakfast, and three snacks to try. My thoughts in three words? Fresh, healthy, and satisfying.

I don't follow a specific diet; however, I aim to eat healthy meals that make me feel good. And when it comes to trying new flavors, I'm not picky. With that said, it's no surprise that Sunbasket's meals aligned with my nutrition needs and, as a bonus, left me the right amount of full. Oh, and every single meal is approved by in-house dietitians, so you know you're in good hands.

The most surprising part of my experience was seeing a small number of ingredients transform into restaurant-worthy entrées, which, in my opinion, came to life because of the flavorful sauces and dressings (hello, green goddess). Created by award-winning chefs with step-by-step instructions included, each recipe is enjoyable from the start of the cooking process to the last bite—or in some cases, post-plate lick.

Sign up now: From $56/week; sunbasket.com

My overall rating for Sunbasket: 9.4/10


  • Fresh, organic produce and sustainably sourced proteins
  • Variety of meal plans for different lifestyles and dietary needs (including diabetes)
  • Satisfying portions in both meal kits and premade meals
  • Lots of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and add-on options available
  • Mostly reusable and recyclable packaging


  • Shipping isn't included
  • Limited family-friendly options
  • Not available in all 50 states
  • Bulky packaging

Signing Up for Sunbasket

Signing up for Sunbasket is a breeze thanks to its user-friendly website and free app (available on Apple and Android devices). First, choose which type of meals you're interested in—Fresh & Ready no-prep meals or Meal Kits, which take 15 to 40 minutes to prepare. You can have both kinds in your box, but this step is helpful for those who are after one over the other. Sunbasket Fresh & Ready meals each feature one serving, so if you go that route, you can start selecting your heat-and-eat entrées right away. If you want Sunbasket's healthy meal kits, first choose one of the dietary preference options, including paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian, pescatarian, Mediterranean, diabetes friendly, and no particular diet. Sunbasket is flexible, so you can always mix and match meals from different diets. Remember it's a helpful tool for shopping the Sunbasket menu if you are on a special diet—not a commitment.

Once you choose your adjustable plan, you can customize it even further by checking preferences, like low carb, avoid dairy, and high protein. Next, select how many servings you need per meal kit and how many dinners you want delivered each week. Finally, submit your email address and zip code, and you're ready to start picking your meals. Whether you're on the website or app, you can see pictures and nutritional information for each meal kit and premade dish available on the weekly menu. Note: Sunbasket ships everywhere in the U.S. except for Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, North Dakota, and some areas in New Mexico.

Sign up now: From $56/week; sunbasket.com

Sunbasket Menu: Healthy and Versatile

There are 10 Sunbasket meal plans: Paleo, Carb-Conscious, Gluten-Free, Lean & Clean, Diabetes-Friendly, Chef's Choice, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Mediterranean, and Fresh & Ready. The Lean & Clean plan features under-600 calorie dishes made with whole foods, Chef's Choice has a variety of global-inspired recipes, and the others are pretty self explanatory. Each category has plenty of meal options to choose from each week. And since Sunbasket is overall a healthy meal delivery service, there are a lot of meals that fit the requirements of multiple diets. One meal kit might be labeled as Mediterranean, Carb-Conscious, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Paleo, Diabetes-Friendly, Lean & Clean, Family-Friendly, and Gluten-Free.

One confusing part of Sunbasket's website is knowing how many servings you can order per recipe. At first, it looks like you might only be able to choose between one and four servings, but you can actually order up to 16 servings. You can get up to eight of the same Fresh & Ready single-serve meals and up to 16 of the same meal kits.

If you need individual servings, Sunbasket Fresh & Ready meals are a no-brainer. They take no more than six minutes to heat up in the microwave or oven and taste absolutely delicious. For couples, families, or people who want leftovers, consider Sunbasket's meal kits, which are available in three options: Classic, Pre-Prepped, and Chef's Table. Classic meal kits take 30 minutes or less to make and include helpful cooking instructions. Pre-Prepped meal kits are the quickest and easiest option, featuring recipes that take 15 to 20 minutes to prepare, with pre-chopped and measured ingredients. If you're feeling fancy, the Chef's Table meal kits give you access to premium meats, special ingredients, and exquisite flavors. Feeding little ones? Look for the family-friendly label. There aren't a lot of kid-pleasing meals on the weekly menu, so you might have to make modifications to meals without that official title.

In addition to premade meals and meal kits, Sunbasket offers additional cuts of meat and a handful of homemade snacks, such as spinach artichoke dip. There is also a wide selection of bites, breakfast options, and desserts available from popular health food brands, like Siete and Perfect Bar, that you can add to your box. All of the add-ons include what diets and preferences they are suitable for, information about the brand, and an ingredient list.

The Sunbasket meals and snacks I chose:

Sunbasket Meal Kits:

  • Orange chipotle-glazed pork with coleslaw and roasted sweet potato
  • Fish po' boy bowl with tomato relish and chipotle mayo
  • Montreal steaks with green goddess chopped salad

Sunbasket Fresh & Ready Meals:

  • Spaghetti alla beef Bolognese
  • Beef chili with cheddar and Greek yogurt
  • Pancetta and kale couscous with olives and creamy feta dressing
  • Shrimp paella
  • Creamy spinach and mushroom penne with almonds

Sunbasket Breakfast/Snacks:

  • Mylk Labs cultivated blueberry and Vermont maple oatmeal cup
  • Perfect Bar peanut butter protein bar
  • Remedy Organics cacao protein drink
  • Old Dog Ranch Mexican hot chocolate walnuts

Sunbasket Delivery and Packaging: Sustainable-ish

Sunbasket review
Bridget Degnan

Depending on your zip code, you can choose a day between Sunday and Thursday to have your meals delivered. My first shipment was delivered on a Tuesday afternoon, the second arrived on a Wednesday late afternoon, and my final delivery got here on a Tuesday afternoon. Since the temperatures are very high right now in the summer, it was nice that I was working from home and able to bring the box inside as soon as it arrived. However, the package was so insulated that I could've left it outside for hours without the food going bad. Note: Once you bring the box inside and open it up, immediately place the food in the fridge.

Unpacking the food didn't turn into a guessing game. It's very clear which packages are your meal kits, premade meals, and snacks. The meal kits come in a paper bag with a recipe label and inside are all the ingredients (except meat or fish) and the instructions. Fresh & Ready meals are clearly labeled and have nutritional information and heating instructions on the back side. Some Fresh & Ready meals can go in the freezer if you know you won't be able to eat them before their best by date. All the meal kits should be placed in the fridge.

Admittedly, I was skeptical about whether or not the fresh ingredients would arrive in good condition. I can happily say that all of my produce and meat were fresh, ripe, and bright. The tomatoes were plump, the cilantro was anything but wilted, and the green onions were *chef's kiss.*

Sunbasket's website claims it takes pride in its commitment to sustainability. For the most part, the packaging proves this to be true. The big box is constructed from recycled and virgin kraft paper, the insulation is made with reclaimed denim, and the meal kits come in recyclable paper bags. These three parts can be recycled curbside. The not-so-sustainable part of Sunbasket's packaging was that the majority of produce and seasonings are bundled in plastic and the gel packs are covered in plastic. The good news? The brand's website says it's currently working towards 100 percent recyclable packaging.

Cooking Sunbasket Meals: Quick and Easy

Sunbasket review
Bridget Degnan

If I had to put myself in a cooking level category, I would call myself an intermediate at-home chef. When I feel like whipping up something tasty, 99 percent of the time it comes out pretty darn good. Plus, if I'm not cooking, my meals are usually on-point thanks to my grill-master boyfriend and award-winning restaurants in my city.

My verdict of Sunbasket meal kits? They only take an average of 30 minutes to make, satisfy self-proclaimed foodie palates like my own, and come with instructions that are easy to follow for beginner cooks and beyond. Basically, if you know how to use a knife, you'll nail the dish.

The only time I felt unsure was when I was cooking top sirloin steaks on the stovetop for the green goddess chopped salad. I had never cooked steak that way before; however, the helpful instructions (and incredible seasoning blend) led me to a five-star meal. Other than that moment of self doubt, one minor issue I had was knowing how much cabbage to use for the Montreal steak salad and the fish po' boy bowl. Both meal kits came with a large wedge but didn't mention a specific measurement.

What I like about the Sunbasket recipe cards is that they cover everything you need to know about your dish in a brochure you can keep forever. The front page features a picture of the meal, diets and preferences it's compatible with, cook time, total calories, and number of servings. Inside the booklet, there is an ingredient list of everything included in your bag (note: you have to use your own salt, pepper, and oil), plus a step-by-step prep and cooking process guide. The back side provides a short-and-sweet summary of the recipe's flavors and inspiration as well as a breakdown of nutritional information. If you prefer a virtual visual, you can either go to the brand's website or download the Sunbasket app to view the same information on the recipe cards.

As the name suggests, Sunbasket Fresh & Ready meals can be heated up in a snap. If you use a microwave (like I did), your meal only takes three to five minutes. My microwave is pretty powerful, so my dishes were done in three minutes. If you'd rather use a conventional oven, the Fresh & Ready entrées take 20 to 25 minutes to heat up.

Sign up now: From $56/week; sunbasket.com

Sunbasket Ingredients and Sourcing

For several decades, Sunbasket's executive chef, Justine Kelly, worked in some of the top San Francisco restaurants. Because of her experience, she knew which farms and fisheries to connect with to provide the best ingredients for Sunbasket meals. "A lot of it is based on relationships, farming practices, and quality of ingredients," Kelly said. "I look for farmers that are not spraying industrial chemicals and take good care of their soil."

Sunbasket works exclusively with U.S. family farms, trusted ranchers, and fishermen who work for fisheries that are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (a leading authority in sustainable seafood). The suppliers grow organic produce, raise antibiotic- and hormone-free meat, and catch wild fish, all of which are raised responsibly and sustainably. Fresh produce, eggs, and dairy products are USDA-certified organic, and there are even some USDA-certified organic meat and poultry options on the menu. On rare occasions, Sunbasket has to send non-organic produce, eggs, and dairy products, but the company will let you know when that happens.

Sunbasket Flavor and Quality: Mostly Make-Again Meals

Sunbasket review
Bridget Degnan

Overall, Sunbasket's meals did not disappoint. In fact, I was extremely impressed with each one. All three meal kits were outstanding as well as most of the Fresh & Ready meals. My absolute favorite was the fish po' boy bowl with tomato relish and chipotle mayo meal kit. It was labeled as Lean & Clean, Diabetes-Friendly, Spicy, Dairy-Free, Paleo, Soy-Free, Mediterranean, Carb-Conscious, and Gluten-Free. The meal kit came with ripe organic produce, including a red onion, shredded carrots, a cabbage wedge, and roma tomato. Other ingredients were cornichons, chipotle mayo, a paleo bread crumb blend, lemon vinaigrette, and two wild-caught sole fillets. With thorough cooking instructions, the dish was super simple to make. It took less than 30 minutes and only required one pan and two small bowls, which made cleanup a breeze. As far as taste goes, the flavors were 10/10. Usually at-home seafood dishes aren't the most exciting, but the paleo bread crumb crust, fresh tomato relish, and chipotle mayo drizzle gave the protein wonderful texture and flavor. My boyfriend isn't the biggest seafood fan, but he also thought it was exceptional. One serving was 480 calories and left both of us full and satisfied.

The only meal I tried that I wasn't crazy about was the premade beef chili with cheddar and Greek yogurt. For diet and preference categories, it was labeled Soy-Free, Gluten-Free, Spicy, and Carb-Conscious. The chili was a little too heavy and filling for a summertime lunch; however, as a Fresh & Ready meal, it only took four minutes to heat up in the microwave. I enjoyed the convenience of a quick meal, but I wouldn't add it to my order again in the warmer months.

After trying the different Sunbasket meal options, I've learned that sauces, seasonings, and fresh produce take dishes to the next level. The meals also reminded me that healthy meals don't need to be so boring—goodbye bland chicken and vegetables. Because I enjoyed the three meal kits so much, I plan on using the Sunbasket recipe cards for years to come.

Sunbasket Cost: Similar to Other Meal Delivery Services

For two people (couples):

  • Two meal kits with four servings total is $13.99/serving
  • Three meal kits with six servings total is $11.99/serving
  • Four dinners with eight servings total is $10.99/serving

For four people (families):

  • Two meal kits with eight servings total is $10.99/serving
  • Three meal kits with 12 servings total is $10.99/serving
  • Four dinners with 16 servings total is $10.99/serving

Fresh & Ready meals (single serving):

  • Four meals per week is $11.99/serving
  • Five meals per week is $11.99/serving
  • Six meals per week is $9.99/serving
  • Seven meals per week is $9.99/serving
  • Eight meals per week is $8.99/serving

Shipping: $7.99 per order

Right now, new customers can get $90 off with free shipping plus four bonus gifts for your first four deliveries. Just head to the website and enter your email address in the pop-up form—then Sunbasket provides a code to use at checkout.

Sign up now: From $56/week; sunbasket.com

Sunbasket Customer Service

If you need to contact Sunbasket's customer service, you have a few different ways to go about it. You can call 866-786-2758 and text +1-208-960-6505 from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m PT any day of the week, email from their contact info on Sunbasket's website or on the app and hear back the next business day, and use the online chat feature that's available 24/7. For those who don't want to speak with a representative, Sunbasket's customer self-service page allows you to find solutions on your own. Lastly, the Sunbasket FAQ page is super informative as well.

"I've been using Sunbasket for nearly a year and find the service to be very consistent and reliable," one Sunbasket customer said. "The few interactions I've had with customer service have all been resolved to my satisfaction. I have never had any trouble pausing or adjusting my account to coordinate with vacations, guests, or other disruptions to my usual schedule."

As noted in the review above, it's easy to make changes to your delivery. Just make sure to do so before Wednesday at 12 p.m. PT. If you're going on vacation, log into your Sunbasket account and skip a week in the Schedule tab. Otherwise, you can send your box to your vacation address or a friend's home as a thoughtful treat. Need to change your meal plan, password, or address? Once you're logged in, go to My Account settings and make those adjustments in a snap. If you want to pause or officially cancel your subscription, go to the Manage My Subscription link on the settings page.

Sunbasket Reviews

Sunbasket has 3.3 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot. Based on 2,848 customer reviews, 47 percent said it was excellent, 27 percent said it was great, 16 percent said it was average, six percent said it was poor, and six percent said it was bad. According to Trustpilot, Sunbasket typically replies to negative reviews in one day or sooner and has replied to 100 percent of its negative reviews. Overall, customer satisfaction is positive.

"I'm a huge fan. My husband and I have been ordering from them for two years now (and typically about 42 weeks out of the year)," one five-star reviewer said. "The recipes are very tasty and things we wouldn't have tried on our own. Love the global influence and wide variety of dishes."

"Up until this last delivery, their produce has been excellent," one four-star reviewer said. "But this time I had four items from three different meals I couldn't use. So I really only got one meal out of four that I could prepare properly." The Sunbasket team replied to the customer's feedback and directed them to its customer service contact page for further assistance.

Sunbasket: My Take

Is Sunbasket worth it? As a healthy eater, I vote yes. If you value organic, healthy foods and/or follow a specific diet, Sunbasket makes it so easy to stay on track without sacrificing flavor or portion size. Plus, the meals don't require advanced skills, so it's a stress-free cooking process. Like all meal delivery services, it also saves you time because you don't have to plan meals or go to the grocery store. You just can't beat a box of quality ingredients delivered to your doorstep.

Another reason I recommend Sunbasket is because it reduces food waste. I cook for two people, so oftentimes I'm left with extra produce, meat, and condiments—which unfortunately usually get tossed in the trash. Having the exact amount of ingredients to feed two people means there's little to no food waste after the meal is made.

Healthy Meal Delivery Kits Comparison: Sunbasket vs. Daily Harvest

In the meal delivery business, Sunbasket and Daily Harvest both fall under the healthy category. As someone who has tried both of the services, my honest opinion is that Sunbasket is better. Why? Daily Harvest's menu is 100 percent plant-based and vegan, and it includes items like smoothies, grain bowls, soups, oat bowls, and flatbreads. The meals didn't always fill me up. Because I'm not vegan, I usually added my own seafood to the grain bowls and protein powder to the smoothies to satisfy my hunger. Sunbasket was the opposite. The Sunbasket single-serve meals and meal kit dishes left me comfortably full because they had an adequate amount of calories to keep me full—not to mention Sunbasket meals are fresh and Daily Harvest cups are frozen. Daily Harvest bowls and Sunbasket Fresh & Ready meals both cost about $9 per serving, making Sunbasket the overall winner.

Who's This Service Good For?

It's an excellent meal delivery service for those who want to eat healthier in general and also those who follow specific diets, like diabetes, gluten-free, vegetarian, Mediterranean, and others. Sunbasket is great for individuals, couples, and people with busy schedules.

Who Isn't It Good For?

People who don't enjoy healthy foods, picky eaters, and families with young children may not like Sunbasket. I wouldn't recommend Sunbasket to people who don't value convenience or quality meals.

My Testing Methodology:

My overall ranking for Sunbasket was 9.4/10 after evaluating pricing, quality of ingredients, ease of preparation, sustainability, and more. I took each of the below factors into account to arrive at a weighted score out of 10.

Sign up now: From $56/week; sunbasket.com

Factors What it means Numerical ranking (1-10)
Taste Meals have a balanced and delicious flavor and consistency. 9
Ease of Preparation The service provides easy-to-follow instructions for preparing and cooking the meal. 9
Quality of Ingredients Ingredients are high quality and fresh. They are in good shape when they arrive. 10
Dietary Customization There are options for users to note dietary restrictions and preferences. Choosing these options is easy to do, and there are plenty of meal/food options for these preferences. 10
Meal Variety This service provides a variety of meals, cuisines, and flavors to avoid meal repeats and provide users with new dishes to explore. 9
Health Meals are healthy and provide balanced nutrients. 10
Availability The service is available to consumers in a variety of locations. 8
Portion Size Portion sizes are reasonable and filling. You don't need to supplement the meal with additional food because you're left hungry. 10
Price The price is reasonable for the quality of food you receive. 8
Subscription The subscription/plan offers reasonable customization. You're able to adjust or cancel your order within a reasonable time frame. 10
Shipping The meals arrived on time. The packaging kept things fresh and in good condition. You're able to provide delivery instructions if needed. 10
Customer Service How quickly customer service responds to queries, the level of detail they provide, and how helpful the team is overall. 10
Social Impact Takes into consideration a company's social missions, charitable causes, and sustainability efforts. Products are sourced ethically. Packaging is recyclable or sustainable. 9
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