We Taste-Tested Over 60 Taco Night Must-Haves—These Were the 6 Best

Make Taco Tuesday even more delicious.

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If tacos are a staple in your family's weekly dinner rotation, these editor-approved taco supplies will help bring your weeknight meals to the next level. The best part: they're all available right at the grocery store. From the best sauce and salsa to the most delicious, melty cheese, here are the store-bought supplies that will make your family wish Taco Tuesday was every night of the week.

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Best Sauce: Saucy Lips Tacos Al Pastor

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Give Taco Tuesday an upgrade by skipping the spice packet and seasoning your meat with a simmer sauce instead. A hint of
pineapple in this bright option adds a tropical twist to your tacos without being cloying. You'll also get mild heat from chipotle peppers and chili powder, plus plenty of herby freshness from cilantro and oregano. This sauce is a bit thinner than others we
tried, but it thickens as it cooks to coat your protein beautifully. Try brushing it on grilled or sautéed pork, beef, or chicken. It's also delicate and fruity enough to pair with fish, shrimp, or beans.

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Best Guac: Herdez Traditional Guacamole

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Big, meaty chunks of fresh avocado and
flecks of sweet tomato make this guacamole taste homemade. When you don't have time to make your own guac or you can't find ripe avocados, this is the next best option.

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Best Cheese: Organic Valley 3 Cheese Mexican Blend

3-cheese Mexican blend
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Thin shreds of sharp Cheddar, Colby, and
Monterey Jack melt quickly over any warm

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Best Salsa: Somos Cuatro Chiles Taquería Salsa

cuatro chiles salsa
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Yes, this baby has some burn. But this spicy salsa is balanced by tangy, smoky notes that make it irresistible with chips or on a taco.

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Best Tortillas: La Tortilla Factory Yellow Corn and Wheat

yellow corn and wheat tortillas
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It's the best of both worlds! Corn and wheat
yield flexible wraps with a savory-sweet flavor.

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Best Beans: A Dozen Cousins Refried Black Beans

refried beans
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Heat up these hearty beans for a simple side or taco filling. Add a splash of water or broth to make them smooth and spoonable.

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