The Top 10 Summer Foods, According to Instacart

It’s all about that fresh produce!

What's everyone eating this summer? According to recent data from Instacart, barbecue staples and fresh summer produce are top of mind for many American consumers during the warmest months of the year.

To determine the top foods of the summer, the grocery delivery platform found the categories that were most likely to be purchased during a week in July and sorted them by their share of orders. "Overall, summer shopping patterns stay consistent with people opting for different cuts and types of meat to grill and fresh, seasonal produce to enjoy," Instacart's trends expert, Laurentia Romaniuk, explained. "The summer months come with many delicious traditions and foods that people look forward to eating all year—most notably the bounty of peak-season fruits and vegetables, including everything from juicy stone fruits and refreshing watermelon to crunchy sweet corn and lush tomatoes. Summer is undoubtedly marked by a healthy, garden-fresh, and colorful harvest that pulls us out of the colder months."

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Keep reading to find out which foods America can't get enough of this summer!

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Honey-Broiled Nectarines
Broiling the fruit softens it and caramelizes the sugars, bringing out its natural sweetness. Get the recipe. Christopher Baker

These juicy stone fruits snagged a spot in one out of every 73 shopping carts, and with good reason. The scrumptious orange orbs are in season from the end of April to the end of August, which has helped solidify their status as a summer star. If you've got a nectarine craving, feel free to eat them solo, use 'em in a vibrant salad, or whip up an impressive Nectarine Olive Oil Cake.

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Like nectarines with a little fuzz, these fruits also peak during the summer, which is probably why they were in one out of every 40 shopping carts earlier this month. Before you head to the grocery store, brush up on how to pick a perfectly ripe peach. Then, you can throw together anything from Peach Cobbler Trifle to Peach Iced Tea. And if you've got leftover peaches, don't worry, we've also got tips on how to store them so they don't bruise.

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These bite-sized fruits, which also peak during the summer months, found their way into one out of every 38 shopping carts. We love fresh cherries for many reasons, including the fact that they can be eaten straight from the grocery store—no need to wait for them to ripen! Use your versatile cherry haul for a delicious dessert like Cherries Jubilee, a photo-worthy Breakfast Custard, or just snack on them solo.

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grilled corn
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If you've been to a barbecue already this summer, chances are you've noshed on a deliciously sweet ear of corn. While you can purchase canned corn year-round, the fresh stuff has its moment to shine during the summer months, and is particularly good with a little char after it's been thrown on the grill. That's why it's no surprise that corn had a spot in one in every 37 shopping carts.

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Hamburgers With Goat Cheese
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While we're a bit surprised that burgers only managed to snag a spot in one out of every 32 shopping carts, the American dish is still a summer staple. However, with inflation making beef more expensive and consumers showing increased interest in plant-based burger alternatives, the fact that hamburgers came in at no. 6 isn't a huge shock.

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Hot Dog Buns

Hot Dog Bun Recipe Ideas
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If you're stocking up on hot dogs this summer, you're also going to need hot dog buns to serve them in. The bready accoutrement, which was slightly less popular than actual hot dogs, was purchased by one out of every 22 grocery shoppers. If you find yourself with some leftover hot dog buns come the end of grilling season, go ahead and transform them into French Toast Sticks—a perfect breakfast or brunch option.

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Hamburger Buns

Hamburger buns and ketchup Anna Williams

Hamburgers may have snagged the sixth spot on this list, but hamburger buns have clocked in at no. 4, with one out of every 21 shoppers stocking up on the popular item. While the discrepancy between beef burgers and their corresponding buns might seem a bit odd, remember that hamburger buns are often used to serve turkey or veggie burgers, chicken sandwiches, Sloppy Joes, and more.

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Beef Steak

Five-Spice Steak with Couscous
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According to Instacart data, residents of California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Alaska, and Hawaii buy beef steak more often than anywhere else in the U.S. The inhabitants of those states, among others, helped to propel beef steaks into one out of every 20 shopping carts.

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Hot Dogs

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Apparently hot dogs are more popular than hamburgers. Who knew? Per Instacart, one out of every 16 shoppers purchased some wieners, and residents of Wyoming purchased more hot dogs than any other state in the country. If you plan to grill some hot dogs this summer, make sure you have several condiments on hand to go along with 'em.

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Watermelon Slices With Mint and Lime
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The pink, hydrating fruit nabbed the top spot on this last after it was purchased by an impressive one out of every 14 shoppers. Given watermelon's inherent deliciousness and versatility, we're not surprised it was named the most popular food of the summer. After all, once you've got a juicy, ripe watermelon in your possession, you can snack on it, transform it into a salad, whip up a plant-based poke bowl, make a refreshing slushie out of it, and more.

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