20 Nostalgic Candies You Can Still Buy

From Atomic Fireballs and Fun Dip to Charleston Chews and Chick-O-Sticks, here's how you can make your old-school sweet tooth sing.

Remember that feeling of stepping back into your own house after a long night spent trick-or-treating, ripping off you cowboy boots or superhero cape and dumping your loot on the floor to rifle through? The excitement you'd feel as you sorted sweets was childhood in its purest form.

The good news? Just because Halloween feels different now that you're grown up, it doesn't mean you can't relive those moments and share them with your little ones. In fact, thanks to a collection of trusty online treat retailers, you can probably still purchase every type of candy that filled your pillowcase back in the day. Here, all the old-fashioned and classic candies that will still speak to you, whether we're talking Root Beer Barrels, Rock Candy, Bubble Tape, or Boston Baked Beans.

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Retro Root Beer Barrels

root beer barrels

If sucking on one of these doesn't make you crave a root beer float, a retro Archie comic book, and a severe toothache from preemptively biting it in half, did you really have a childhood?

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Candy Cigarettes

candy cigarettes

While we're not going to encourage you to hand out fake cigs to your kiddos, we can't say we never pretended to puff on these sweet sugar sticks way back when. Today, they'll serve as a stellar addition to any Mad Men-themed Halloween costume.

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These lemony balls consist of a sweet candy core inside a tart, soft shell. They're made with real lemon juice for the perfect movie-watching pucker.

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Charleston Chews

charleston chews

Talk about novelty—classic Charleston Chew candies are named after a popular dance of the 1920s, which is right around when this sweet treat first became popular. If you haven't tried them, they're made from chewy vanilla nougat wrapped in milk chocolate.

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Rock Candy

rock candy

There was nothing sweeter than a birthday goodie bag filled with rock candy lollipops back in the day. For an adult spin, stick one inside a Halloween-themed cocktail and watch it melt into candy crystals.

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Nik-L-Nip Mini Drinks


You probably could have polished off a full-size bottle of the saccharine sweet syrup that lives inside these baby-sized ones as a kid. But the best part? Playing with the wax after you downed all four flavors.

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Chick-O-Stick Bites

chick o stick

Remember "Chicken Bones"? The name of this treat has been changed since it was invented during the 1930s, but the candy is still the same: roasted jumbo peanuts sprinkled with salt and sugar, coated in crunchy candy, and dusted with toasted coconut.

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Pop Rocks

pop rocks

No one forgets their first time experiencing the mysterious sparkling sensation of pop rocks. Today, they're available in 12 flavors, including cotton candy, milk chocolate, and sugar free strawberry.

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Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape

bubble tape

Great news for gum chewers: Bubble-blowing contests aren't canceled.

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Now and Later

now and later

Anyone else still flossing these out of their teeth? It was totally worth it.

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Caramel Apple Pops

caramel apple pops

These Tootsie pops still taste exactly like the fall flavors from your childhood: Tart green apple candy coated in sweet, creamy golden caramel on a stick.

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Holiday Old-Fashioned Candy Mix

holiday mix

If the sight of this holiday candy mix doesn't bring back the scent of your nana's perfume and gingerbread house icing, it most certainly will remind you of some other relative's untouched Christmas candy dish.

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Atomic Fireballs

atomic fireballs

Is your mouth still on fire?

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Boston Baked Beans

boston baked beans

This old-fashioned treat was developed by Salvatore Ferrera himself in Chicago in 1924 when the company was still known as Ferrara Pan Candy. The crunchy candy-coated peanuts have been a favorite of many movie-goers and baseball fans ever since.

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Fun Dip

fun dip

Name something more fun than this candy concoction. We'll wait.

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The original Bit-O-Honey candies first appeared in 1924 in Chicago and developed over time. Today, they're still made from stick-to-your-teeth honey taffy sprinkled with almond bits.

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First it's candy, then it's gum. Any questions?

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Bottle Caps

bottle caps

Have yourself a bite-sized handful of Root Beer, Cola, Cherry, Grape, and Orange Soda (no bottle opener needed!).

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Annabelle's Abba-Zaba Taffy


This thick, chewy taffy is filled with a rich, creamy peanut butter center and it'll definitely bring you back to childhood.

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Pixy Stix


Choose from grape, Maui punch, cherry, or orange powder, then pour it directly into your mouth like you used to.

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