Oatly, Organic Valley Among More Than 30 New Beverages Recalled Nationwide Due to Potential Microbial Contamination

If you shop at Costco, BJ's Wholesale Club, or Sam's Club, check your fridge.

Update (8/12/2022): Per an announcement from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, more than 30 new drinks have been added to the Lyons Magnus beverage recall from late last month. The newly recalled drinks, which include Organic Valley milk products and additional Oatly beverages, are being pulled from shelves due to botulism contamination and Cronobacter sakazakii—the harmful bacteria that led to the initial recall a few weeks ago.

According to the FDA, Clostridium botulinum (botulism) has not been found in any products thus far, but the agency is warning consumers not to drink any of the recalled items, even if they don't look or smell spoiled. They are being recalled due to sterility concerns. "Root cause analysis indicates that the products did not meet commercial sterility specifications," the FDA said in a statement.

A list of the newly recalled products is below. For information regarding ​​specific lot codes and best by dates, click here.

  • Cafe Grumpy Ready to Drink Cold Brew Coffee
  • Ensure Harvest 1.2 Cal For Tube Feeding
  • Kate Farms Pediatric Peptide 1.0 Vanilla
  • Kate Farms Standard 1.0 Vanilla
  • Kate Farms Nutrition Shake Coffee
  • Kate Farms Nutrition Shake Coffee Chocolate
  • Kate Farms Nutrition Shake Vanilla
  • Kate Farms Standard 1.4 Plain
  • Kate Farms Peptide 1.5 Plain
  • Kate Farms Pediatric Peptide 1.5 Vanilla
  • Lyons Barista Style Sweet Cream Frappé Base
  • Oatly Oat-Milk Barista Edition
  • Oatly Oat-Milk Chocolate
  • Oatly Oat-Milk
  • Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Vanilla
  • Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Chocolate
  • Organic Valley Organic 1% Milkfat Lowfat Chocolate Milk
  • Organic Valley Organic 1% Milkfat Lowfat Milk
  • PediaSure Harvest 1.0 Cal For Tube Feeding
  • Premier Protein Café Latte
  • Sweetie Pie Organics Organic Lactation Smoothie Mango Banana
  • Sweetie Pie Organics Organic Lactation Smoothie Apple Pear
  • Sweetie Pie Organics Mango Banana Smoothie
  • Sweetie Pie Organics Apple Pear Smoothie
  • Rejuvenate Muscle Health+ Vanilla
  • Rejuvenate Muscle Health+ Chocolate
  • Sated Complete Keto Meal Shake Chocolate Flavor
  • Tone It Up Plant-Based Protein Shake Chocolate
  • Tone It Up Plant-Based Protein Shake Vanilla
  • Uproot Oatmilk Organic Oats
  • Uproot Peamilk Chocolate

Clostridium botulinum is a harmful bacterium that may cause a severe form of food poisoning. The FDA notes that illness can begin from six hours to two weeks after eating food that contains the toxin. Symptoms may include double vision, blurred vision, drooping eyelids, slurred speech, difficulty swallowing, and muscle weakness. Botulism poisoning can also cause respiratory paralysis, resulting in death.

Consumers with a recalled product in their possession should dispose of it immediately, or return it to the place of purchase for a refund. Customers with questions can contact the Lyons Recall Support Center 24/7 at 1-800-627-0557.

Original story: Food and beverage producer Lyons Magnus is voluntarily recalling 53 beverages due to the potential for microbial contamination, including from the organism Cronobacter sakazakii. The recalled items, which include products in various formats from Oatly, Glucerna, Stumptown, and more, were distributed nationwide. The potentially contaminated products were sold at retailers including, but not limited to, Costco, BJ's Wholesale Club, and Sam's Club.

According to the FDA, the products are being recalled because they "did not meet commercial sterility specifications." The agency is advising consumers with recalled products in their possession to dispose of them immediately or return them to the place of purchase for a refund.

Among the recalled products are a 12-pack of Lyons Barista Style Almond Non-Dairy Beverage, a 24-count Chocolate Glucerna Original Club Case sold at Costco, BJ's Wholesale Club, and Sam's Club, and a 12-pack of slim cartons of Oatly Oat-Milk Barista Edition. For a full list of recalled items, complete with expiration dates and lot codes, click here.

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While the FDA notes that no illnesses or complaints related to these products have been reported thus far, Cronobacter sakazakii can be specifically harmful to infants as well as vulnerable and immunocompromised populations, who may be more susceptible to infection. Symptoms of the dangerous bacteria include fever, vomiting, and urinary tract infection.

Consumers with questions can call Lyons' 24-hour Recall Support Center line at 1-800-627-0557.

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