With any luck, there will be plenty more Trader Joe’s locations to come this year.

By Lauren Phillips
October 16, 2019

Traveling a bit (say, an hour or so; true TJ’s fanatics may be willing to go even farther) to reach nearby Trader Joe’s locations is a bit of a family ritual. The journey to pick up some of the best Trader Joe’s food—like that divisive Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Pizza Crust—can be a bonding opportunity. Anyone with a passion for Trader Joe’s products (and some budget-friendly grocery store shopping) will happily make the trip—and, since many people consider Trader Joe’s to be one of the best grocery stores, plenty do.

But wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to travel to indulge in some watermelon jerky and peanut butter blondies?

To make Trader Joe’s locations more accessible to all, the national grocery store chain is constantly adding new locations, and several planned openings for 2019 have already been announced. (A few have even already opened their doors—it seems like no store opens as quickly as new Trader Joe’s locations.) Trader Joe’s isn’t in all 50 states just yet—the chain is currently in 41 states, plus the District of Columbia—but it’s surely on its way to national domination. Until there’s a TJ’s on every block, we can all just make the most of Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel line when we can get it.

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See the current list of 2019 store openings below, and stay tuned for more location announcements. Who knows—a Trader Joe’s location might be opening its doors near you soon! Until then, the store finder can help you find any Trader Joe’s stores already in your state.

Trader Joe’s locations announced in 2019

Chicago (Hyde Park), Illinois

This new store opens October 18.

Meridian, Idaho

Opening October 17, this store is sure to be a hit.

Denville, New Jersey

Depending on when it opens, this new location will be the fourteenth, fifteenth, or sixteenth store in the state, battling against the announced Brick and Bridgewater, New Jersey stores for the honor.

Greensboro, North Carolina

This will be the seventh location in North Carolina.

Little Rock, Arkansas

In one packed announcement, Trader Joe’s revealed that there will be a new store in Little Rock and revealed the open date: October 22.

Brick, New Jersey

New Jersey wasn’t short on Trader Joe’s locations—the small state already boasts thirteen stores—but this newly announced store in Brick joins the list officially on October 17.

Bridgewater, New Jersey

New Jersey is scheduled to get a major Trader Joe’s invasion in 2019; three new stores have been announced in the state.

Nashville (Belle Meade), Tennessee

This new store—the second in Nashville—was announced in early September and opened October 16. (Talk about a quick turnaround.)

Philadelphia (Arch St.), Pennsylvania

This store, announced in September, will be the second location in Philly. The opening date is October 22.

Wichita, Kansas

This new Trader Joe’s store is the second location in Kansas—a pretty big milestone for this California-based grocery store. Kansans got lucky with this one: The store was announced in the second half of the year and opened well before the end of 2019 on October 11.

Boston (Seaport), Massachusetts

Announced in July 2019, this store is scheduled to open in the trendy Seaport neighborhood on an undisclosed date, likely before the end of the year. It will be the second store within Boston city limits.

Santa Monica (Wilshire), California

The latest addition to the list of 100-plus Trader Joe’s locations already in California, this new store was announced in July 2019. The announcement didn’t include any predictions for when the store would open, but if this one is anything like the other new locations opening in 2019, it will have open doors and quickly moving check-out lines before the end of the year.

Laguna Hills, California

TJ’s already had a store in Laguna Hills, but it moved to a new location and opened its doors on June 14. Based on the map on the grocery chain’s website, the store is just up the road from the previous location, so loyal shoppers won’t have to change up their routines too much.

New York (East Village), New York

New York City already has ten Trader Joe’s locations (eight in Manhattan, two in Brooklyn), and this latest addition makes eleven. Just two blocks from the heavily trafficked Union Square location, the new East Village Trader Joe’s is sure to be a popular one—and hopefully it will help ease congestion at the other locations in NYC. The opening date has yet to be announced, but with any luck, the store will be open before the end of 2019.

La Habra, California

The 136th location in the state of California, this La Habra store was announced in April 2019 and opened July 18, beating out any and all concerns that the new location wouldn’t open before the end of the year.

Glover Park, Washington, D.C.

The latest D.C. location—and the fifth in the District—was announced in mid-2019. Good thing TJ’s moves fast: The new store is already open as of July 19 on Wisconsin Avenue.

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Miami Beach, Florida

This new Florida Trader Joe’s location opened Tuesday, August 27, giving visitors and locals alike plenty of time to get their shopping done before fall arrives.

Marina Del Ray, California

This new California Trader Joe’s location opened its doors Friday, April 19, 2019. It’s the 135th store in the state, which makes sense: Trader Joe’s is also headquartered in California.

Bedford, New Hampshire

Trader Joe’s announced this upcoming New England location at the end of 2018. The store opened March 29, 2019.

Gilbert (SanTan), Arizona

Announced in early 2019, this Arizona location opened at the end of March in 2019 and is currently accepting applications for new employees, according to the announcement.

Lynnwood, Washington

This Washington community already had a Trader Joe’s, but the store moved to a new location that opened its doors in early 2019.