Delicious munchies to enjoy as summer winds down.

Fall can be a hectic time of year: summer’s over, the kids are back-to-school, and work often starts piling up. It’s enough to make you nostalgic for those warm, carefree months. You might have tasks on your never-ending to-do list like tidying up your house for Fall and getting organized for back-to-school—making the thought of packing lunches or putting together care packages for your college-aged children seem even more overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with some delicious food packages—curated and taste-tested by our editors—from Mouth that will please any appetite.

Got someone in your family who gets late-night cravings? Try The Real Simple Midnight Snacker, with organic gummy worms, baked cheesy puffs, chips, and beef jerky. For your next movie night, we’ve got our own taster package with popcorn (of course) and assorted candies. And let’s say you’ve got a college kid miles away who’s come down with the flu—we’ve got a solution for that, too, with our sick day care package full of goodies that will nurse them back to health.

So after you’re done with your errands and crossed off a few things on your checklist, sit back, relax, and enjoy these tasty and unique treats. Head over to Mouth to see all the offerings.