These Are Poised to Be the 10 Most Popular Drinks This Summer, According to Drizly

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With the official start of summer right around the corner, on-demand alcohol delivery platform Drizly has released its fourth annual Consumer Trend Report, which analyzes data for several months through April 2022. The report highlights which spirits Americans are poised to drink this summer and throughout the rest of the year, as well as how drinking preferences differ across generations. For example, while tequila was named one of the top spirits people anticipate buying more of in 2022 than 2021 overall, red wine topped that same list for Gen Z respondents—besting tequila, hard seltzer, and other favorites. Additional mainstays, like vodka, are still popular, but not as in-demand as they once were.

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Keep reading to find out which spirits are slated to be some of the most popular drinks this summer.

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Blood Orange and Kombucha Mule
A Moscow mule with a twist. Ginger kombucha and ginger beer go hand in hand (and your gut will be happy). Blood orange juice will add some gorgeous color to the mix and fresh slices will make this drink a quick favorite. Get the recipe:Kombucha-Blood Orange Mule. Stephen DeVries

This clear spirit took the top spot after 18 percent of respondents said they'll reach for more vodka this year, compared to last year. While vodka is still number one, its share of liquor sales has declined by 8 points over the past three years, indicating that its popularity is waning. Still, there's no doubt that vodka is a bar cart mainstay. For a refreshing vodka-based cocktail, try a kombucha-blood orange mule.

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The agave-based spirit is slated to find its way into even more glasses this summer and well beyond, as 17 percent of respondents said they plan to buy more tequila in 2022 than they did in 2021. And there's evidence to suggest that tequila's popularity has been steadily rising for the past several years. According to Drizly, tequila's share of liquor sales has increased by 5 points over the past three years.

What's more? Tequila-based ready-to-drink cocktails ranked at the top in terms of new kinds of drinks Americans want to try most, meaning you'll likely be seeing a lot more tequila this summer. If canned cocktails aren't your thing, try tequila in a hydrating margarita or a zesty Paloma.

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American Whiskey

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American whiskey, which includes bourbon whiskey, rye whiskey, rye malt whiskey, malt whiskey, wheat whiskey, Tennessee whiskey, and corn whiskey, has been a longtime leader in the spirits category. However, it currently lags behind tequila by a full 7 points. Per Drizly data, 10 percent of respondents said they plan to stock up on more American whiskey this summer. Enjoy the homegrown spirit in a satisfying whiskey sour.

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Cherry Gin Rickey
Enjoy this refreshing cocktail before summer comes to an end. It’s incredibly refreshing, and the syrup is packed with tart cherry flavor. If you prefer, skip the gin for a booze-free, kid-friendly refreshment. Hosting a crowd? This recipe can easily be doubled. Get the recipe: Cherry Gin Rickey. Victor Protasio

The herb-forward spirit is slated to see a decent bump in sales compared to last year, as 7 percent of respondents said they intend to buy more gin in 2022 than they did in 2021. Put your new gin stash to good use by making a cherry gin rickey. Pro tip: This recipe works great if you're making just a few drinks, but feel free to triple it if you're entertaining a crowd!

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Irish Whiskey

St Patty's Day Cocktails: Irish Iced Coffee
This refreshing recipe could not be simpler. Strong iced coffee is mixed with whiskey and heavy cream to create a deliciously decadent pick-me-up (and the perfect St. Patty's Day cocktail, if you celebrate the occasion). Get the recipe: Irish Iced Coffee. Wendy Granger

Irish whiskey—which, as you may have guessed, hails from Ireland—is seeing a bump similar (though slightly smaller) than American whiskey. Per Drizly data, 7 percent of respondents expect to purchase more of the Irish-made libation in 2022 than they did last year. Use your Irish whiskey to whip up a frosty Irish coffee, which will keep you cool on those balmy summer days.

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Apple cider cocktails - Citrusy Cider, Scotch, and Lavender
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Scotch—aka Scotch whisky—is malt whisky or grain whisky made in Scotland. While this spirit is yet another bar cart staple, and the backbone of drinks like a bee sting and a Scotch and soda, it's telling that it's lagging behind other mainstays like vodka and tequila. Still, Drizly's data indicates that 6 percent of those surveyed will purchase more Scotch in 2022 than they did last year. If you're interested in Scotch-based drinks, give this citrusy cider with lavender a whirl.

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Tarragon French 75
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According to Drizly data, these two related spirits will be slightly more popular in 2022 than they were in 2021, as 6 percent of respondents said they expect to purchase more brandy and cognac this year. While brandy is defined as any distilled spirit made from fermented fruit juice, Cognac is a specific type of barrel-aged brandy that is produced in the Cognac region of France. Brandy is often enjoyed neat, but can also be found in cocktails like this rum and pineapple punch. If you prefer Cognac, try this twist on a classic French 75.

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Japanese Whiskey

sparkling amaretto sour
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Japanese whiskey is more similar to Scotch whisky than American bourbon, but it sets itself apart from Scotch thanks to the use of Japanese water. Some distilleries in Japan also age the whiskey in barrels made from mizunara wood, which gives the spirit a distinct flavor. Japanese whiskey has become increasingly popular in recent years, and according to Drizly, 4 percent of respondents expect to buy more of it this year than they did last year. To enjoy the spirit, simply sip it neat or on the rocks, or substitute it in cocktails that call for other types of whiskey, such as a highball or a whiskey sour.

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Ranch water cocktails
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Though tequila nabbed the second spot on this list, its cousin mezcal, which is distilled in a different fashion that gives it a smoky taste, isn't quite as popular. Still, Drizly notes that 2 percent of respondents said they intend to buy more mezcal in 2022 compared to 2021. Use the smoky, trendy spirit to upgrade your margarita, or whip up a refreshing glass of ranch water with it for more depth of flavor.

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Red Wine

Sparkling Lemonade
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Though red wine didn't make the overall list of 2022's most popular alcoholic beverages, the wine variety did top the list of drinks Gen Z plans to buy more of this year, with 38 percent of the cohort saying so. In fact, red wine is so popular with Gen Z that it managed to outrank tequila, vodka, hard seltzer, and rosé.

And while red wine is still a popular choice among slightly older consumers, only 23 percent of millennials said they plan to buy more red wine, and just 19 percent of Gen Xers intend to do the same. Red wine can obviously be enjoyed solo, but it's also great in sangria or when mixed with some refreshing sparkling lemonade.

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