You’d never guess reusable lids might be one of your favorite Amazon purchases, but just wait.

By Madison Alcedo
Updated October 02, 2019
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If you’ve finally vowed to go zero waste, meaning you’re trying to send less trash to the landfill, there are hundreds of ways to help you reduce your carbon footprint. As one of the first baby steps you can take, consider buying reusable products to replace items you use the most on a daily basis (cough cough, we’re looking at you plastic baggies). One of the easiest ways to switch to that minimalist, zero waste mindset is to simply replace those culprits first with reusable sandwich bags and reusable grocery bags.

Once you’ve tackled plastic bags, your next purchase should be these brilliant reusable silicone lids. They not only remove the need to use plastic wrap for leftovers but also help when you’ve misplaced that container lid (you know, that one you haven’t been able to find for years).

With close to 1,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, these Modfamily silicone lids are lifesavers when it comes to easily storing your meal prep or weeknight dinner leftovers. Thanks to their elastic, silicone material, you can stretch these over bowls, jars, and cans—whatever type of container you use for leftovers. Amazon shoppers swear by these silicone lids so much that some customers have even tested their strength by flipping containers upside down, and the lids still don’t pop off. People also love the fact that they are stain proof, unlike other plastic lids that take on a faint tint of food even after being washed.

Modfamily Silicone Stretch Lids

Modfamily Resuable Container Lids on Amazon
Credit: Amazon

To buy: $15;

But what I love most about these lids is that for a set of 7, you’re essentially paying $2 a pop—so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. Instead of buying multiple sets of reusable lids, this set includes a variety of different sized containers ranging from 2.8 inches to 9.1 inches and stretching to 12 inches, to be exact. Since we all have those super tiny or extra large containers that maddeningly never seem to have a lid nearby, this is doubly important. (But if you happen to be using several of the same size containers, it might be worth it to invest in more than one set.) Gone are the days I’ll be using cracked, flimsy, and melted container tops—these reusable silicone lids are my new favorite item in the kitchen, and I’m never going back.