Looking for a Charming Way to Store Spices? Try a TikTok-Approved Lenox Spice Village

TikTok users have fallen in love with this charming vintage storage solution.

The Lenox Spice Village
Photo: BirdiesChinaNest/Etsy

Leave it to TikTok to find a cute and clever way to store spices that goes well beyond a standard salt shaker and an organized spice rack. In recent months, users on the platform have been showing off something called a Lenox Spice Village.

As you may have guessed based on the name, a Lenox Spice Village (somewhat similar to those seasonal holiday villages) is a collection of 24 tiny houses designed to store different spices. Each individual porcelain house is intricately decorated and labeled with a designated spice, such as pepper, saffron, or cinnamon. When grouped together, the individual houses make up a village of spices that you can place on a shelf, store on your kitchen counter, or keep in the pantry.

From an aesthetic perspective, Lenox Spice Villages look like something you might see at your grandmother's house, but for TikTok users, that's part of the charm. The vintage spice containers were handcrafted in Taiwan in the '80s and '90s, and boast bright colors and kitschy details, such as adorned roofs and doors. Since Lenox, a ceramic art company, discontinued the Spice Villages years ago, TikTok users are even more eager to find them and show them off.

Other TikTokers, like @yamilet.more and @maxinemunroe, have been chronicling their respective searches for certain hard-to-find Spice Village pieces. While a Lenox Spice Village may be an "it" thing to collect right now, there's a practicality to it as well, which is something you can't say for Beanie Babies or Pogs. Since the porcelain jars come with matching lids that each have a seal, you can rest assured that, in addition to adding some charm to your kitchen or tabletop, they will keep your spices fresh.

Given the recent interest in these vintage pieces, it's no surprise that people have started selling them on eBay, Etsy, and a host of other platforms. With nearly 400 Etsy shops selling Lenox Spice Village paraphernalia, you can find parts for as low as $9, or entire villages for as much as $725. On eBay, complete sets are selling for close to $1,000. As many TikTok users have noted, heading to Goodwill or scouring estate sales and yard sales is a thrifty way to find pieces of a Lenox Spice Village without breaking the bank.

And if you can't get enough of this #cottagecore aesthetic, you'll be happy to know that Lenox also manufactured similar condiments sets, tea sets, and more.

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