6 Cool New Ice Cream Treats

Beat the heat with these frosty sweets.




Mass market versions of mochi ice cream, a traditional Japanese rice dough and frozen dairy treat, can be rubbery and lackluster—but not the tender, sweet offerings from NY-based maker Ken Gordon. Gordon’s new company, Mochidoki, brings a craft approach to the process, sourcing premium ingredients and eschewing artificial sweeteners and colors. A variety of four-piece packs—in fun flavor themes like “Taste of Thailand” and “Americana”—are available online and ship for a flat rate throughout the US.

To buy: $10 for 4 pieces, mochidoki.com.

Photo by mochidoki.com

McConnell’s Whiskey & Pecan Pralines


Sometimes too much of a good thing is just enough. Such is the case with this decadent new flavor from one of our favorite California-based creameries. Infused with real Kentucky bourbon and chock-full of sweet and nutty caramel-coated praline chunks swirled into a luscious base of grass fed dairy, it’s the most sophisticated (and delicious) spin on butter pecan we’ve ever tasted.

To buy: $10 per pint, mcconnells.com.

Photo by mcconnells.com

Sherry B Dessert Studio Ice Cream Sandwiches


Dessert maven Sherry B uses a pastry chef’s artistry to elevate ordinary ice cream sandwiches into truly special homemade treats. (Birthday cake, you’ve got some competition this year.) Flavors—like Fluffernutter, which features marshmallow and peanut butter ice cream sandwiched between banana bread, and Coffee Break, which layers coffee ice cream between slices of crumb cake—rotate seasonally and can be bought online in packs of six.

To buy: $36 for a 6-pack, sherryb.com.

Photo by sherryb.com


Little Spoon Frozen Pudding


A frozen dessert that won’t melt into a sticky mess? Yup, you read that right. Besides being rich, irresistibly creamy, and available in an array of classic flavors like (vegan and gluten-free!) coconut cream pie and caramel latte, Little Spoon’s adorable little cups keep their cool—and will thaw right back to being creamy pudding, not ice cream soup.

To buy: $32 for an 8-pack, littlespoonpudding.com.

Photo by littlespoonpudding.com

Three Twins Sundae Cones

Three Twins Sundae Cones

Three Twins has accomplished the impossible: turning everyone’s favorite freezer section guilty pleasure into a wholesome, delicious treat. Crafted entirely from organic ingredients—from the chocolate-coated sugar cone to the rich blend of milk and cream—and finished off a with a drizzle of dark chocolate and crunchy peanuts, this is an ice cream novelty that will make you grin like a kid, no matter how old you are.

To buy: $6 for three, visit threetwinsicecream.com for stores.

Photo by threetwinsicecream.com

Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Chunky Monkey


Vegans, rejoice! After years of tinkering and relentless research, the geniuses at Ben and Jerry’s have cracked the code and come up with a lineup of dairy-free frozen delights that are every bit as tasty as their creamy counterparts. Made from almond milk and all fair trade certified and non-GMO ingredients, every flavor is delicious—but the banana, walnut, and chocolate-studded update on classic Chunky Monkey simply can’t be beat.

To buy: $3.99 per pint, amazon.com.

Photo by amazon.com