6 Hot Sauces You Need to Know

You already love the Louisiana-style stuff—now it’s time to branch out. There’s a whole world of hot sauce out there just waiting to spice up your poached eggs, avocado toast, or even your waffles.


Momofuku Ssäm Sauce


This Korean sauce, made from a hot pepper seasoning called gochujang, miso, sake, soy sauce, and rice vinegar is David Chang’s secret ingredient at his Momofuku restaurants. It’s tangy and hot but not too hot, with a nice umami punch. Try it on all types of meat, from burgers to pork chops.

To buy: $7.50 for one 11-ounce bottle, momofuku.com.

Photo by Momofuku

Yellowbird Jalapeno Condiment


Brightened by a healthy dose of lime juice, this tangy hot sauce is a blend of red jalapenos, carrots, onion and garlic. It’s the consistency of ketchup and comes in a similar squeeze bottle: try using it as a spicy substitute.

To buy: $12 for one 12-ounce bottle, amazon.com.

Photo by Yellowbird

Secret Aardvark Trading Co. Drunken Jerk Sauce


Jamaican style hot sauce is traditionally used as a marinade for BBQ called “jerk.” This variation made from habanero peppers has a dash of dark rum in it. Use it to marinate chicken, or anything you want to throw on the grill.

To buy: $10 for one 10.5-ounce bottle, heatonist.com.

Photo by Secret Aardvark Trading Co.


Heaven Most Hot


Hot heads, this pick is just for you. Spicy habanero peppers hit your mouth with a bold, upfront heat that only grows stronger. A hint of real mango sweetens the deal, and rice vinegar balances out the spicy-sweet potion. Yes, the bottle is small: but you’ll only want to add one drop to a dish.

To buy: $20 for one 4-ounce bottle, heatonist.com.

Photo by Mellow Habanero

Cholula Green Pepper Hot Sauce


This Mexican-style hot sauce, from a classic company we love, is made from jalapenos and poblanos. Its heat level is medium, and it is full of fresh green pepper flavor. Delicious on enchiladas, it also makes a fantastic marinade for white fish or a zesty salad dressing addition.

To buy: $7.90 for one 5-ounce bottle, amazon.com.

Photo by Cholula

San Augustin Smoked Datil Pepper Sauce


The stars of this sauce are hot, citrusy datil peppers, which are slow-smoked for intense smoky-spicy flavor. Sprinkle it on foods when you don’t have time to break out the grill.

To buy: $9 for one 8-ounce bottle, farmtopeople.com.

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