Who says cereal can't be good for you? Grab a spoon and see for yourself!

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Mornings can be hectic, and finding time to squeeze in breakfast can seem like an impossible feat—let alone a healthy breakfast. While you may not have time to make a kale and goat cheese frittata or avocado toast, there are plenty of quick, healthy breakfast options, like cereal.

No, not the big boxes of processed, artificial, sugary stuff—but healthy cereal that’s packed with protein, fiber, and vitamins.

We scoured the supermarket shelves and tried a variety of healthy breakfast cereals that are full of flavor. Now you can fit in the most important meal of the day with something that makes you feel good.

Magic Spoon

Remember the days of going to the grocery store with your parents and begging them for the colorful, sugary cereal? Well now you can still enjoy a delicious breakfast without the guilt. Magic Spoon takes us back to our childhood with fun yet healthy breakfast cereals. Enjoy a taste of nostalgia with flavors like fruity, frosted, cocoa, and cinnamon. The best part about Magic Spoon? There’s no artificial flavors or coloring, and each serving has 3g carbs, 12g protein, and 110 calories.

To buy: $39/4 boxes, Magicspoon.com

Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Whole Grain Cereal, Golden Flax

You may already be familiar with Ezekiel bread, but did you know they also make a line of healthy breakfast cereal? Both crunchy and nutritious, Ezekiel’s whole grain cereal is made up of organic sprouted ingredients including wheat, barley, flax seeds, millet, lentils, soybeans, and spelt. Each serving contains 8g protein, 6g fiber, and less than 1g sugar. Try a bowl with your favorite milk or add it to yogurt with fresh berries.

To buy: $13, Amazon.com


Cheerios first hit the shelves in 1941, and they’re still a family-favorite healthy cereal to this day. Cheerios little “o’s” are made without any artificial colors or flavors, and are packed with whole grains, vitamins, and minerals. They’re also gluten-free, low-fat and a good source of fiber, iron, and calcium. I guess there’s a reason why everyone still loves Cheerios!

To buy: $3.70, Walmart.com

Barbara’s Bakery Original Puffins

Ever have a hankering for something hearty and full of crunch? Barbara’s Bakery Puffins is a crispy, crunchy healthy cereal that’s packed with whole grains and fiber. Consider them like little pillows made of corn and oats with a lightly sweet coating. These delicious little Puffins come in flavors like multigrain, cinnamon, and honey rice, and are low in fat, cholesterol-free, and vegan. They’re truly the perfect healthy cereal for the whole family, even the little ones.

To buy: $5.70, Amazon.com

Purely Elizabeth Granola Cereal

There’s no better way to start your day than with nourishing clusters of Purely Elizabeth granola. Whether enjoyed with milk, yogurt, or on top of a smoothie, Purely Elizabeth is packed with simple ingredients like oats, sunflower seeds, chia, millet, and quinoa. This healthy breakfast option is so delicious, you’ll make it your mission to try all of the flavors. The dark chocolate strawberry, cinnamon peanut butter, and maple almond butter are seriously life-changing.

To buy: $5.79, Amazon.com

Alpen Cereal

Muesli is a swiss-style healthy cereal that contains creamy rolled oats, whole grain wheat flakes, hazelnuts, almonds, and raisins. When it was first introduced in the early 1900s, it was actually served as an appetizer, similar to the way we’re served bread and butter. Alpen’s delightfully nutritious muesli has been around since 1971 and is still a family-favorite. They also launched a line of granola and bars that are just as delicious.

To buy: $32/6 pack, Amazon.com

Oats Over Night Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana

Overnight oats have been quite the craze lately, and for good reason. They’re tasty, refreshing, and easy to make ahead of time. Made from only simple ingredients and packed full of protein, Oats Over Night is officially the most convenient healthy breakfast cereal. They come in a convenient pre-portioned pouch and just need a bit of milk and some time to chill in the fridge. You’ll swoon over flavors like maple pancake and strawberries and cream!

To buy: $18/3 pack, Amazon.com

Lydia’s Organics Berry Good Cereal

Need something sweet to start your day? Lydia’s has some great organic healthy cereal options that will satisfy your craving. There’s something about Lydia’s organic cereals that makes it so special. Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s homemade or maybe it’s because it contains sprouted seeds, juicy berries, and agave nectar. Treat yourself the moment you wake up with a nutritious and filling healthy breakfast cereal.

To buy: $9.50, Lydiasfoods.com