Branch out and try the grown-up flavors and textures of tree-nut butters―found at your favorite health-food store.

By Melissa Clark
Updated September 10, 2004
peanut butter on a piece of bread
Credit: Pernille Pendersen

Cashew Butter

This delicately flavored butter, which packs 8 grams of fat per tablespoon (the same as peanut butter), is a good source of copper and magnesium.

Sandwich suggestions:

  • Cashew butter with salami.
  • Cashew butter with ginger preserves.
  • Cashew butter with turkey and cranberry or lingonberry preserves.

Almond Butter

Sweet, smooth, and silky, this creamy butter has a fruity note, making it a perfect partner for jelly. Almond butter has only 9 grams of fat per tablespoon and contains healthy amounts of magnesium.

Sandwich suggestions:

  • Almond butter with guava jelly.
  • Almond butter with citrus marmalade and sliced almonds.
  • Almond butter with sliced pears and chestnut honey.

Macadamia-Nut Butter

Velvety and candylike without being cloying, this citrusy-tasting spread is a good source of thiamin. The taste, the price, and the fat content (12 grams per tablespoon) make it pure decadence.

Sandwich suggestions:

  • Macadamia-nut butter with sliced pineapple or papaya.
  • Macadamia-nut butter with sliced banana and grated coconut.
  • Macadamia-nut butter spread between two chocolate wafers.

Hazelnut Butter

Intensely nutty, with a toasty, caramel-like taste and a slightly oily texture, hazelnut butter is a decent source of copper. It packs 9 grams of fat in each delectable tablespoon.

Sandwich suggestions:

  • Hazelnut butter with orange marmalade and goat cheese.
  • Hazelnut butter with Cheddar and apple slices.
  • Hazelnut butter with sliced strawberries.