Gripstics work on every bag in your fridge, freezer, or pantry.

By Katie Macdonald
June 24, 2020
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Growing up in sticky south Louisiana, I learned from an early age to quickly close bread bags, cereal containers, and packets of crackers. If I didn’t, my favorite snacks would become stale (or worse, moldy) in my home’s year-round 100 percent humidity level. But truly locking out air and moisture once you open a sealed bag is a challenge, even with the help of chip clips, rubber bands, and twist ties.

Enter these clever Gripstic bag sealers. With a unique sliding design that creates an airtight seal, the no-fuss tools make it easier than ever to keep food fresh. And Amazon shoppers can’t get enough of them—the cult-favorite tools have an outstanding 4.8-star rating with nearly 900 reviews.

Gripstics work on every food bag in your fridge, freezer, or pantry, and come in a variety of sizes to ensure a full seal on whatever you need to close. To use, simply fold a smooth crease at the top of your bag, making sure to press out as much air as possible. Then slide the yellow guide under the edge of the crease, and zip the Gripstic across the top of the creased bag. To open again, just slide the stick off in the direction it went on.

Unlike bulky chip clips, Gripstics are about the width of a straw, so they don’t take up room in your kitchen drawer or in your snack stash. Plus, the rod-shaped devices are dishwasher-safe to prevent potential cross contamination.

Shoppers rave about the Gripstic’s durability and design, saying they use them for everything.

“I first bought these at a home show about five years ago and have never gone back to anything else,” one wrote. “They are by far the best thing for bags of anything... chips, cereal, crackers, chocolate chips, frozen veggies, salad, etc. I can easily have a box of cereal last two months and it still tastes just as fresh as day one.”

Another added, “Such a simple product to solve an age-old problem. I love that this seals the ENTIRE top of the package.”

A 12-piece set costs just under $20, which breaks down to less than $2 per Gripstic. And the fact that it keeps your favorite snacks from going stale? Well, that’s just priceless.

GRIPSTIC 12PK Assortment

To buy: Gripstic 12-Piece Assortment Pack, $20;