Burcu Avsar

Shown from left to right:

Best Pigs in Blankets

Hebrew National Beef Franks in a Blanket
The flaky golden wrappers on these classic snacks were far superior to the soggy, starchy crusts of their competitors. Several tasters commented on the "real beef" flavor. "The hot dog had an actual ballpark taste," said one, "not like some others I've tried."

Best Mushroom Tartlets

Good Wives Shiitake Mushroom and Spinach Cheese Tartlets
"Very flavorful and elegant," declared a taster of these cups filled with a "winning combination" of mushrooms. More than one person was pleased that the shiitake taste was "not too strong."

Best Spanakopita

Dufour Pastry Kitchens Spanakopita
These handmade triangles are plumped with ricotta salata, fresh parsley, dill, and garlic in addition to the usual Feta and spinach. Everyone commented on the "gorgeous flaky crust," and one tester noted the "great flavor," adding that "Popeye would be jealous."

Best Breaded Shrimp

Seapak Jumbo Butterfly Shrimp
"Nice and firm" was the most frequently heard praise for these breaded crescents. "They don't taste or smell fishy," said a panelist. The seafood lovers noted the "crispy coating and juicy shrimp inside." Pick up some tartar sauce for dipping.