Google Just Shared the Country's 10 Best-Reviewed Pizzerias—Is Your Favorite on the List?

Americans really love pizza.

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In honor of National Pizza Day on February 9, Google just released a whole bunch of pizza-related data that sheds some light on America's thoughts on the Italian staple. And whether you make it from scratch yourself or prefer to order in, one thing Is immediately clear—Americans love pizza. In fact, according to the search giant, pizza was the top-searched dish on Google Maps in the U.S. during every month of 2021.

And while you might think the most-pizza obsessed state is New York or New Jersey, that honor actually belongs to nearby Connecticut, which, as of February 2022, is the state with the most pizzerias per capita. (For the record, the Garden State came in a close second!)

When it comes to different types of pizza, Google discovered that people in the New York metropolitan area are on the hunt for some plant-based options. Searches for "vegan pizza" on Google Maps in that area are higher than any other location in the U.S. Additionally, those in Chicago search for "deep dish" on Google Maps more than in any other U.S. metro. In fact, Google Maps searches for "deep dish" in Chicago are nearly four times higher than the second place city, which is Los Angeles.

In terms of pizza chains, Domino's Pizza remains the top searched pizza spot in the country for the second year in a row. However, if you're a pizza lover who is looking to support a local business and treat yourself to a tasty slice, Google also released a list of the 10 best-reviewed pizzerias in the U.S. Did your favorite haunt make the cut? Keep reading to find out!

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Varasano's Pizzeria - Buckhead (Atlanta, Ga.)

This Atlanta pizza place, which took the top spot on this list, is known for its traditional sourdough thin-crust pizzas. Varasano's also only uses natural ingredients when making its pizza pies.

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Olli Olive Pizza (Lauderhill, Fla.)

If you're in the Fort Lauderdale area and want to support a women-owned business, stop by Olli Olive Pizza. This casual spot makes each menu item fresh to order, and uses dough made from scratch each day to prepare dozens of individual pizzas.

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Tommie's Pizza (Saint Paul, Minn.)

Though Tommie's is located in Minnesota, the beloved establishment specializes in New York–style pizzas. The menu also includes chicken wings and several fresh salads.

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PanezaNellie Breadstick Shoppe (Sublimity, Ore.)

This Oregon restaurant, which has hundreds of five-star reviews on Google, is known for its breadstick-style pizza, sandwiches, and sweet baked goods.

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KC's Family Kitchen (Lockport, Ill.)

Located in a Chicago suburb, this family-owned pizzeria has been in business for a little over a year. Customers can choose from an array of personal or large pizza pies, homemade pastas, and more.

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Raceway (Yonkers, N.Y.)

This Yonkers pizzeria sells no-fuss pies that customers love, like cheese pizza and chicken pizza. Other favorites include garlic bread and heroes.

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Nolita Pizza (New York, N.Y.)

New York City's Little Italy and Nolita neighborhoods are packed with pizzerias, but Nolita Pizza stands out because of its delicious pies, which are topped with homemade marinara sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese. Nolita Pizza also has an impressive selection of gluten-free pies.

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Zeneli Pizzeria e Cucina Napoletana (New Haven, Conn.)

Connecticut has the most pizza shops per capita, and Zeneli Pizzeria e cucina Napoletana is one of the best. The beloved Neapolitan-style pizzas are based on old and traditional recipes, and are topped with ingredients like spicy salami and black truffle cream.

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Michigan & Trumbull (Detroit, Mich.)

This pizzeria was started by a pair of Detroit natives, and is known for serving innovative pizzas that elevate the authentic Detroit-style crust. The menu also includes multiple white pizzas made with several different types of cheese and no tomato sauce.

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Goodfella's Pizzeria of Sunnyside (Queens, N.Y.)

While you won't find any fancy pizzas here, Goodfella's is the place to go in Sunnyside if you're looking for a standard cheese or pepperoni slice. Do yourself a favor and pick up a few garlic knots as well.

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