Check the expiration date on your Gold Medal Unbleached Flour to see if it is affected by the General Mills recall.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated January 24, 2019
General Mills Gold Medal flour recall - sack of flour
General Mills Gold Medal flour recall - sack of flour
| Credit: Richard Jung/Getty Images

If anyone needed another reminder that eating raw cookie dough is a bad idea, General Mills has recalled Gold Medal Unbleached Flour after the potential presence of Salmonella was discovered during sampling. Raw, contaminated flour can be the cause of food-borne illness as much as raw egg can, and this voluntary product recall of Gold Medal flour by its parent company is a good reminder to watch what batters and doughs you snack on while baking.

The national, voluntary Gold Medal flour recall includes five-pound bags of Gold Medal Unbleached Flour with a better-if-used-by date of April 20, 2020. According the General Mills statement shared on the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) website, the recall is issued as a precaution, as General Mills has not received any direct consumer reports of confirmed illnesses related to the flour.

Only the April 20, 2020 date code of five-pound bags is affected by the recall; all other types of Gold Medal flour are fine to keep and use, though, again, they should not be eaten raw, even in vegan cookie dough. As noted at the beginning of the statement, “Consumers reminded that flour is not a ‘ready to eat’ ingredient.”

After coming into contact with raw flour or doughs or batters containing raw flour, surfaces, utensils, and hands should be properly cleaned; baking, frying, sautéing, or boiling foods containing flour will kill any potential illness-causing contaminants.

The General Mills statement advises consumers to check their flour stores and dispose of any five-pound bags of Gold Medal Unbleached Flour that may be included in the recall. If you must discard any products, you can reach out to General Mills Consumer Relations for more assistance. More details on the voluntary Gold Medal flour recall are below:

Gold Medal Unbleached All Purpose 5LB Flour

Package UPC: 000-16000-19610-0

Recalled Better if Used by Date: 20APR2020KC