What You Need to Organize Every Type of Freezer

Pro organizers give their best recommendations for keeping your icebox in order, no matter what model you have.

Freezer Organization Ideas: frozen vegetables in containers
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Who doesn't want a freezer full of meat, ice cream, and make-ahead meals just waiting to be defrosted and enjoyed? The only problem with a packed ice box is that things can get lost in there. Sure, you can get an ice maker so you don't have to give up freezer space to ice trays or bags of ice. But what good is that pint of Ben & Jerry's if it's hiding away in a corner? Here, pro organizers offer their best tips for freezer organization, so you can keep tabs on your Chunky Monkey—and everything else you've stowed inside.

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For Bottom Freezers and Drawers: iDesign Linus Divided Freezer Bins

Freezer Organization Ideas: iDesign Linus Divided Freezer Bins
Brian Henn

It’s a pain to bend over and rummage through messy stacks, so label and date frozen food on the side of the package that’s visible, whether you stack boxes or “file” them. You can write directly on glass containers with a permanent marker (rubbing alcohol erases the ink).

Scribble the info on transparent tape for plastic containers, then adhere to it. Use stackable bins to keep similar items together. Just measure the freezer interior first to ensure the bins will fit—and look for ones with handles so they’re easy to pull out.

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For Side-by-Side Refrigerators: Rezip Reusable Zip Seal Gallon Bags

Freezer Organization Ideas: Rezip Reusable Zip Seal Gallon Bags
Brian Henn

Since this type of freezer is narrow (typically only 14 to 23 inches wide), you’ll need to be strategic. Remove store-bought frozen foods from their cardboard boxes, which eat up valuable real estate, and store them in a slim bin. (Snip off the cooking instructions and keep them in the bin as well.)

Freeze soups and sauces flat in ziplock bags; once they’re frozen solid, stash them vertically. This method speeds up thaw time, too—simply place the bag under lukewarm running water.

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For Chest Freezers: Simply Green Solutions Reusable Grocery Tote Bags

Freezer Organization Ideas: Simply Green Solutions Reusable Grocery Tote Bags
Brian Henn

You can use this type of freezer with the best of intentions, but then that value pack of chicken thighs gets lost in a frosty black hole and goes to waste.

To avoid frustration, sort food by type—all veggies in one bag, all meat in another—so you can lift the entire thing up and out. Since a chest can hold much more food than a traditional freezer, keep track of items by jotting your inventory on the door with a dry-erase marker.

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For Top Freezers: Large Shelf

Freezer Organization Ideas: Large Shelf
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These freezers usually come with a horizontal shelf dividing the space in half. Use that visual separation to help you create zones, and be diligent about maintaining them. Don’t go overboard—stick to a few easy-to-remember categories, like leftovers and pre-made meals, frozen fruits and veggies, and meats.

If your freezer doesn’t have a shelf, add your own to prevent teetering towers of frozen goods. You can also use a smaller shelf to create a third or fourth layer in addition to your current freezer shelf.

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